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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: A Global Opportunity For Retailers »

by Chelsea Ramage

Events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday open a world of opportunities for retailers. See countries that have recently adopted these shopping traditions.


Audio Localization & Subtitle Translation Best Practices »

by Chelsea Ramage

For audio localization and subtitle translation, use a professional translation service with extensive experience to ensure a culturally appropriate result.


NIU Huskie Network Connects: Caveo Learning & Interpro »

by NIU Alumni Association

Interpro Translation Solutions & Caveo Learning are two alumni-owned businesses that partner to leverage language translation and learning solutions.


7 Simple Steps To Prepare For Document Translation »

by Erica Goldberg

Before sending your documents for translation, there are some prior steps to take. These 7 document translation tips will prepare you for a flawless final product.


12 Unique Halloween Traditions Around The World »

From the US to Austria to Korea to countries in between, Halloween is celebrated around the world. Read about the worldwide Halloween traditions and customs.


Professional Spanish Translation Services For The US Hispanic Market »

by Chelsea Ramage

Professional Spanish translation services is essential for proper Spanish translation of web pages and documents to reach the large US Hispanic market and avoid potential culture errors.

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