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Localizing eLearning Programs for an International Audience »

by Ralph Strozza

Starting in 2011, the global market for self-paced eLearning reached $35.6 billion. And in 2018, revenues are estimated to reach $53.0 billion. With this growth in numbers, it's apparent that we also need to continue to keep the consumers' native language in mind when developing eLearning.


3 Problems With Working Remote in Language Localization and the 1 Solution »

by Adriana Romano

There is a huge translation quality difference between a translation team working remote versus in an office environment. Language localization done under one roof can be a more effective way to conduct translation.


eLearning Localization Rising – Interpro Attends DevLearn »

by Nicholas Strozza

Interpro exhibits on eLearning localization processes at DevLearn 2015 Conference and Expo. eLearning is a growing industry and Interpro has become a leader in providing language translations for educational and training materials.

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Optimizing Agile Localization and Translation »

Agile localization is advantageous for agile development throughout the lifecycle, quicker organizational planning and increasing speed-to-market.


4 Technical Translation Tips for the Technical Writer »

by Chelsea Ramage

So you need a technical translation. Before the translation process begins, read these four technical translation tips that will leave your end product with accurate translations.

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How Mobile Learning Inspires Mobile Learning Localization »

Mobile learning and mobile learning localization are trending, which means that translation is essential for reaching the target audience on-the-go.

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