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SRT Translation Best Practices »

by Nicholas Strozza

What is SRT translation? SRT files can be localized and used to produce subtitles that can be turned off or on for videos to reach a multilingual audience.

Patrick Pittsford

The Importance of a Multilingual Website »

by Patrick Pittsford

For most of history, businesses were limited to working only with the people living within a nearby geographical proximity. We bought our clothes, furniture, insurance, and office supplies from local businesses in town – it was all we knew.  Enter the Internet. Today, businesses of all shapes and sizes have the opportunity to sell their [...]

Renie McClay

Importance of Audience Analysis for Global Learning Success »

by Renie McClay

For a global audience, we need to delve into cultural differences and preferences in order to make learning truly relevant and to avoid unforeseen issues.

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The Importance of Video in Marketing Strategy »

by Craig Bass

Video is the king of content. Regardless of what languages required, online communication is progressively becoming more and more video based. Why is this?

Lei Meng

Why Mandarin Audio Translation Is Important for Your Company’s Growth »

by Lei Meng

Mandarin audio translation requires a professional to ensure that the information is accurate, culturally appropriate, and recorded professionally.

Maria Pirvulescu

7 Steps for Expanding Internationally on Amazon »

by Maria Pîrvulescu

Amazon is the world’s largest e-tailer and is growing relentlessly. Here are 7 steps to be successful when selling globally on Amazon.

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