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Toda la información que necesita está aquí, ¿para qué molestarse en buscar en cualquier otro lugar? Lea los artículos escritos por nuestros expertos en traducción y sumérjase en la localización de todas las cosas.

Nuestro objetivo es proporcionarle información útil y clara para que su proceso de traducción sea lo más sencillo posible. Queremos que comprenda lo que sucede entre bastidores para que confíe en que puede establecer una alianza duradera con nosotros donde la calidad, la consistencia y el buen servicio son prioridad. Conozca consejos prácticos y trucos de traducción para que su mundo se abra con éxito al mercado internacional.


Canadian French Localization vs. European French Localization and Why You Need to Know the Difference  »

by Erica Goldberg

There is something unique about the way each person speaks. If you have a conversation with someone and analyze their word choice and pronunciation, you may be able to figure out their social class, lifestyle, or even where they were raised. Thanks to living in France for about a year and a half, and visiting […]


5 questions you should ask before choosing a translation partner  »

by Chelsea Ramage

Gaining a competitive edge in your organization’s international expansion is fundamental to growing your company. How do you outperform your competitors while increasing global market share and enhancing client satisfaction? It’s simple: translation and localization. What gets cumbersome is selecting the right translation partner. Your company’s brand is on the line, which means selecting a […]


Interpro assists Klein Tools with Customized Translation Solution  »

Adobe ExtendScript to relink images in a Packaged InDesign File Klein Tools is a high quality tool manufacturing company headquartered outside of Chicago, and is the number one choice of professional electricians and trades people for hand tools. Given their strategic international expansion, Klein Tools turned to Interpro to assist with various language translation projects. […]


Interpro CEO assists NIU with Language Center

by Keisha Howerth

This article discusses how Interpro CEO and Northern Illinois University Alumnus has donated translation industry software to the NIU Foreign Language Learning Center. The software donated is a software used by over 190,000 professional translators and truly can assist students in building a strong foundation for a career in foreign language translation services.


Interpro Assists NIU with Cutting Edge Translation Technology  »

by NIU Today

Ensuring it doesn’t get ‘lost in translation’ Generosity of alumnus Ralph Strozza helps to keep NIU students who are studying foreign languages on cutting edge of technology  For the past decade, a successful alumnus has ensured that Northern Illinois University students in foreign languages have had access to state-of-the-art translation software. Ralph Strozza, CEO and […]


Best Practices for Gift Giving in China  »

by Crista Busse

Christmas has just recently passed and many people held gift exchanges with family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc. However, it is still relatively new to celebrate Christmas in China. Instead, it’s much more common for the Chinese to exchange gifts on Chinese New Year. This year, the Chinese New Year falls on Friday, January 31 and […]

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