Chinese Localization Services

If your strategy is to target some of the world's fastest growing economies in order to build your business, you should consider localizing your content to accommodate Chinese-speaking markets. With over one billion native Chinese speakers worldwide, Interpro's Chinese translation services are backed up with some of the most competent and experienced Chinese translators in the industry. We offer translation services from English into Chinese as well as Chinese into English.

Our Chinese teams are comprised of translators, editors, and proofreaders who are all located in the geography of their mother tongue.

Chinese languages offered by Interpro include:
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

Your target region will dictate which type of Chinese is most appropriate. Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken languages and written Chinese will vary depending on the geography. If you are targeting Mainland China (People’s Republic of China) or Singapore, you would use Simplified Chinese. If you are targeting Taiwan or Hong Kong, you would use Traditional Chinese.

Mainland China (PRC)MandarinSimplified Chinese
SingaporeMandarinSimplified Chinese
Hong KongCantoneseTraditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
TaiwanMandarinTraditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Our Chinese language translation services include:
Cantonese and Mandarin voice-over recording

Interpro offers Mandarin voice-over recording and Cantonese voice-over recording as additional services. We help you to select the right voice talent that accurately represents your brand no matter which speaking dialect you are targeting.

To learn more about our Chinese localization services and how Interpro can assist you, please have a look through these case studies:

Interpro's Chinese translation services are customized to ensure that you get the best quality product delivered back to you with every Chinese translation project. Interpro Translation Solutions can help give you the competitive edge you need to take on the Chinese marketplace. Please contact us, so we can help you localize your content into Chinese. 谢谢!再会!(Thank you! See you soon!)