Mobile App Localization

Interpro can help with your mobile app localization needs no matter how your company is planning its strategic global mobile presence.

As smartphones and tablets continue to evolve, activities such as web surfing, texting, social networking, and GPS navigation become easier and more intuitive, as do voice and email communication. At the same time, mobile applications are becoming more varied and boast more capabilities. From games to restaurant guides, shopping assistants to Twitter, mobile apps now reach much farther than your local network.

To address the global usage of mobile apps, Interpro offers mobile app localization so that your business’ app works flawlessly in every language we translate for you.

How mobile app localization works

Our language translation process makes mobile app localization a more simple process for you. We will work with your app strings, whatever the format may be. We then test the localized version of your app on select devices performing detailed quality assurance checks.

When we conduct quality assurance checks, we mean that we are thoroughly navigating through the localized mobile app and comparing that with the original version. We review all of the user interactions ensuring the following:

  • all text is translated properly
  • there are no incorrect word breaks
  • no text is overlapping the edge of the screen elements
  • the layout is formatted correctly
  • line wrapping is correct

Once our quality assurance process is completed, we will deliver a fully localized, ready to be published version of your app to you.

A global team for your global project

With our mobile app localization services, you can be confident that experienced professionals are working together to localize your app for your target language or geography. Our mobile app localization experts take a hands-on, client-first approach so that your project is completed to your exact specifications and is user ready upon delivery. Each and every Interpro employee is prepped with the latest technology and localization best practices so that they’re more than capable of delivering high-quality results to our clients.

Interpro’s pedigree being deeply rooted in complex software localization, we have the technical capabilities, tools, and linguistic resources required to make your mobile application available in any one of the world’s most widely-spoken languages, enabling you to successfully reach today’s global on-the-go customers.

The app localization era

Smartphones and tablets are constantly being updated and equipped with the latest technologies, all for the purpose of creating a better user experience. At Interpro, we take a similar approach to technology by using the latest translation tools to ensure that your mobile app localization project is completed on time and within budget. By combining the latest technologies in translation, localization engineering, quality assurance, and translation project management, our team is able to effectively execute each mobile application project, facilitating collaboration among team members and clients.

If your company’s focus has been more on optimizing your website for mobile and tablet use, you’ll be happy to know that our team is proficient in producing multilingual versions of websites and web applications. We have the resources to conduct mobile and multilingual website optimization projects simultaneously, creating a custom solution for your needs and ensuring a positive mobile app localization client experience.