Multimedia Localization

Interpro’s multimedia localization capabilities enable us to provide turnkey solutions for projects containing video and audio content for a comprehensive range of languages and media types. No matter how technical or difficult your multimedia project may be, Interpro delivers the most complete and professional multilingual audio and video production services in the localization industry.

Be seen and heard – worldwide

For international businesses or companies that employ people from all over the world, having your multimedia content move seamlessly from language to language is an absolute must. At Interpro, our multimedia localization services run the gamut, including script translation and professional voice-over recording for almost any type of content, including:

If your multimedia content isn’t on this list, we’d love to talk to you further to help create a custom, turnkey solution for your multimedia localization needs. Whether you need video localization for a video about your company’s history, a product demo video, or a translation of your video transcription, the experts at Interpro will deliver high quality work to ensure that your project is completed correctly the first time.

Video and audio localization that fits your needs

We recognize that there’s a big difference between needing an entire documentary translated from English to German and localizing voice-over recording for a mobile app in Central America. We approach each project with an open mind so that we can work with our clients to plan a strategy that addresses their specific needs.

For example, with our video translation services, we offer multiple options of voice-over recording, depending on what your project requires. We have the linguistic and sound engineering talent to ensure the professional-grade quality that your project requires.

For audio content localization, we call on our extensive network to utilize the skills of professional, native-speaking voice-over talent. Part of our process entails offering you samples of gender and style-specific voices, ensuring we combine the best overall voice-over talent to fit for your multilingual needs Alternatively, if you prefer, you can leave it to us to select the most appropriate talent for your project; with over twenty years of experience, we have an eye (and an ear) for what each project requires. We are proficient in United Nations style voice overlay, lip syncing, and off-screen voice-over or dialogue replacement, giving our clients a wide variety of options for their audio content translation project.

We also have the ability to complete interactive localization projects, whether it’s a smartphone app, a Facebook game, a website, or more. We can work with your engineers and designers to ensure that our localization is in line with the requirements of your content and that it works seamlessly on your chosen platform.

No matter how large, small, technical, or straightforward your project is, Interpro will create a custom solution for your multimedia localization requirements that will be immediately ready to use once our work is completed.

Professional technology for professional services

At Interpro, we use the latest localization technologies to ensure that the target-language versions of your multimedia content will be identical to the quality of the source-language content. With a wide variety of translation and quality assurance tools at our disposal, our translation professionals are well-equipped to tackle your project’s custom specifications. Our team members use our state-of-the-art technology to collaborate on translation memory, project management, and quality assurance; the end result is that you get a high caliber deliverable that’s user-ready as soon as we’re finished.

A dedicated, professional team with years of experience

Our team of localization experts are professionals with years of hands-on experience in the language translation and software localization industries. Since almost half of our staff has been with the Company for over ten years (and more than a third of them have logged over fifteen years of service), we’re a tight-knit team who knows the value of working together to accomplish a shared goal by putting our clients first – an advantage that comes in handy when many team members are called upon to collaborate on a project.

A customized approach, the latest technology, and a highly skilled team eager to create a custom solution for your project – that’s the advantage of choosing Interpro for your multimedia localization needs.

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