Online Help Localization

Picture this: one of your international clients is having difficulty using your product. Slightly frustrated, he accesses your Help from your application, only to be disappointed by finding that your help section isn’t offered in his native language. Your client’s frustration mounts, and your company’s reputation for exceptional customer service takes a nosedive in the eyes of your client. What do you do?

You can completely avoid this problem in the first place by having your online help localized to fit the needs of your global customer base. After all, how can your clients effectively use your product if they don’t have access to online help in their native language?

Interpro has been localizing multi-platform online help systems since its inception in 1995, and our team of professionals ensures that your application’s online help will support and complement your product functionally and linguistically.

Enhance online help product usability

Interpro offers online help localization developed in a variety of platforms including, but not limited to:

  • Standard Windows Help text format
  • JavaHelp
  • HTML Web Help
  • Flash Help
  • IBM i Panel Group (PNLGRP) Help

We recognize that you may have unique requirements with your online help localization project, and to that end, we offer custom solutions to meet the specific needs of your project.

At Interpro, we utilize the latest technology to ensure consistency and quality throughout your online help translation project. Some of the appropriate state-of-the-art technology that we use to develop and validate foreign language help systems includes:

  • WebWorks Help
  • RoboHelp
  • MadCap Flare
  • AuthorIT

Our online help quality assurance process includes the testing of all of your help system’s interactive features, hyperlinks, and context-sensitive content.

Interpro’s technology and team

As with all of the services we offer, Interpro’s localization services are done using state-of-the-art translation memory technology, which emphasizes consistency, quality, reusability, and rapid time to market. By using this technology, we’re able to deliver a high-quality, complete translation project within your time frame and budget.

This technology is even more effective in the hands of our experienced team. More than a third of Interpro’s team members have been with the company for over fifteen years, and that consistency and longevity is evident in how we treat our clients. We believe in working with clients for the long haul, and our high employee retention makes it easier for your projects to get completed consistently every time.

Your online help was designed to enable your clients to maximize their use of your product, while minimizing costly support calls. Interpro’s online help localization ensures that localized versions of your help achieve the same objectives.

Contact us to consult with a help localization professional about your next project.

online help localization

Interpro's handling of the project was superb especially given the tight time frame we were under to complete the project.

- Phil Beilke,
Senior Director Revenue Management Strategy and Analysis
Choice Hotels International