Software Localization

Software localization for global target audiences means that we adapt your software product to comply with the linguistic and technical needs of your global target audience.

Interpro was one of the very first translation companies to offer comprehensive software localization services. In fact, software localization is the reason why we were founded in 1995. Founder and CEO, Ralph Strozza, knew there was a growing market for effective software localization services, and founded Interpro for this purpose.

Our team consists of software localization engineers, project managers, and translators who possess the technical knowledge, discipline, and adaptability required to deliver projects on a timely basis.

Localizing software step by step

Interpro provides turnkey solutions for translating and testing multilingual software, ensuring that your product is accurately adapted to each of your required target languages.

While software localization may vary by platform and programming language, there are some key steps that will almost always remain standard:

  • Provide analysis and prepare files
  • Translate strings and adjust controls and dialogs as necessary
  • Validate software and implement changes into files and translation memories
  • Deliver a final localized project

Software localization adaptation

Since our founding, we have localized thousands of user interfaces into multiple languages ranging from small GUIs to enterprise level UIs. We address your specific needs to make sure you receive the highest quality localization.

Based on our experience localizing software, we have found that every software localization project has been executed slightly differently to accommodate client needs. We know this and adapt to the methodologies your organization employs, whether that be waterfall, agile, or something in between. Our project managers can be a part of your sprint and integrate translations accordingly.

Our IBM i expertise

In addition to today’s most popular software platforms, Interpro also offers multilingual software localization services for the IBM i mid-range computer (IBM Power Systems, AS/400, and iSeries). We are one of the very few software localization service providers in the world with the engineering expertise, tools, and experience to offer comprehensive IBM i software localization. We also offer Double-Byte Character Set (DBCS) and Unicode enablement services for this platform.

Having your application’s user interface available in multiple languages will help you increase revenue. Additionally, your users will be more satisfied and proficient in using your product. You win, your users win, and we have the satisfaction of knowing that we have helped another client successfully localize their software into the language of their end user.