Translation Project Management

The Interpro translation project management team includes some of the most successful localization project managers in the industry. Years of experience in localization and translation-specific project management enable us to provide our clients with proven solutions to their globalization challenges.

Translation project management from start to finish

At Interpro, we take pride in working with you through every step of the process with our translation project management team. Each client is assigned one translation project manager who is the central contact point for all project-specific issues.

Interpro's translation project management team evaluates the scope of each project, creates a schedule outlining project milestones, and communicates with you in order to ensure that you know the exact status of your translation project at any given time.

Characteristics of an Interpro translation project manager

All of Interpro's translation project managers are multilingual and experienced in translation and localization. Our translation project managers focus on the quality of your project by conducting multiple levels of review before final delivery.

We are confident that you will be happy with your Interpro translation project manager because we make sure each team member embodies these attributes:

  • able to work in an agile environment
  • customer focused
  • detail oriented
  • well organized
  • aware of the dynamics affecting project profitability
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills in more than one language
  • deadline driven

Our translation project managers understand the entire translation supply chain, since they have degrees in foreign languages, backgrounds in translation and linguistics, and experience in translating information of all types. Besides experience in the field of translation and localization, all of our project managers have proven experience in project management and account management.

Dedication starts with your translation project

Your translation project manager will get to know you, learn your business, and develop a professional relationship with you. This ensures that there will be continuous communication and knowledge of your product with every project executed. Your translation project manager will make sure that final deliverables are on time and within budget.

When you make the smart choice to partner with us, you will have peace of mind knowing that our translation project managers are flexible, efficient, and consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Each member of our translation project management team knows and is hands on during the entire translation process, one of the many things that differentiates Interpro from its competitors.

We understand how critical translation project management is to ensure that your projects are done on time, within budget parameters, and according to your specific requirements. As your partner, our translation project management team will make sure that your localization project is in the best hands at all times, to continue to build a long-term relationship with you and earn your business for years to come.

Contact us to learn how our translation project managers will consistently ensure your projects are completed successfully.