Translation Services Pricing

Your organization’s translation requirements are unique, which is why we scope out each project individually. This effort enables us to provide our clients with accurate, transparent, and realistic quotations. It takes time to understand the full scope of a translation project, and we don’t want to encounter any “surprises” once your project is launched. Our goal is to ensure that that you get the best possible return on investment while receiving incomparable quality and client service from beginning to end.

Cost factors

With numerous factors affecting the costs inherent in the translation process, we work to ensure that your translation needs are addressed front and center.

Cost will primarily depend on the target languages that you are translating into and the volume of content. Interpro's cost per language may vary depending on the rarity or complexity of the language and the difficulties in the related translation process. For example, Arabic has a higher set cost than Spanish because it is a right to left language, whereas Spanish is a very common translated language that reads from left to right. We determine volume by analyzing the number of words in your content and organizing them into leveraging categories using our state-of-the-art technology tools. Our team provides language services utilizing a linguistic database that stores your source and target language content, creating a translation memory. This tool will reduce expenses and create quicker turnaround times for future projects while maintaining consistency of style, terminology, and overall quality. This way, you’re able to save money while also setting yourself up for success on future projects.

A team-oriented approach to your project

One of the many advantages to working with Interpro is that we create and follow processes to ensure translation terminology consistency project after project. Our processes involve working with our experienced in-country translation teams (many of whom have been working with us since the mid-to-late 1990s). Our teams all use the same versions of the translation memory tools for each client project in order to ensure that all of our translators, editors, and proofreaders are using the latest technology to deliver to you world-class translations time and again.

By understanding our client's needs, we have evolved into a localization company with multiple responsibilities. We don't just provide translation services; we offer turnkey solutions that help our clients with all aspects of the multilingual supply chain. Our team members consist of linguists, software engineers, project managers, and desktop publishers. We work with your original source content files, and as soon as your translations are finalized, we'll deliver your ready-to-be-published versions in the same file format that you sent them to us in originally. It's that simple.

Accuracy comes from details

To maintain accuracy, we thoroughly examine the files you want localized in order to provide you with a price quote. As a localization agency focused on details, we make every effort to be transparent, day in and day out. Once we’ve had a chance to take a look at your files, we may have some questions to run by you to ensure that you will receive the highest overall quality workmanship throughout your project. By providing us with your source authoring application files along with all pertinent information, we can generate a detailed quotation that clearly and accurately reflects the complete scope of your project.

Your projects are important, which is why we should first talk and discuss specifics together. Contact us today so we can chat about how Interpro can localize your content into foreign languages correctly the first time and every time.