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Quando todas as informações de que precisa estão bem na sua frente, por que se preocupar em procurar em outros lugares? Aventure-se pelos artigos escritos por nossos especialistas em tradução e mergulhe no mundo da localização.

Nosso objetivo é fornecer informações úteis e transparentes para ajudá-lo a tornar seu processo de tradução o mais simples possível. Desejamos que você compreenda o que acontece nos bastidores, a fim de que possa confiar em nós para estabelecermos uma parceria duradoura com ênfase em qualidade, consistência e fornecimento de serviços. Descubra dicas e truques de tradução que certamente abrirão seu mundo ao mercado global.


How to Order Chinese Localization  »

by S. Mitchell Donaldson

At many Chinese restaurants, there are choices between different regional cuisines such as Sichuan and Cantonese. Knowing, for example, that Sichuan food tends to be spicier and that Cantonese food tends to be milder can help you pick out the best entrée suited to your tastes. Just like Chinese regional cuisine, there are different varieties […]


Everything You Need to Know About Doing Business with Cuba  »

For a global company, Cuba represents an enticing business opportunity. With a population of 11.2 million and a relaxed embargo with the United States, businesses in construction, telecommunications, and agriculture have the chance to export their goods from the U.S. to Cuba; in the coming years, the shipping of U.S. exports to Cuba from Port […]


The Spanish-speaking world and the dilemma of its rich colorful varieties  »

by Florencia de la Torre - Interpro's Argentina Office Lead & Spanish Translator

Even though language is a peoples’ cultural identity and you may immediately think that the whole Spanish-speaking world is under one unique Spanish language umbrella, you’ll be surprised to learn that there is no single Spanish, but rather many Spanish varieties. This is something to take into account when using Spanish translation services to localize […]


Top 3 translation memory benefits and why you need to build one now  »

by Chelsea Ramage

Working in marketing and sales for a translation company, there is one topic that always comes up during an introductory meeting/call with a potential client: translation memory. Truth be told, translation memory is what makes us translation agencies produce the quality that all companies and organizations need to communicate globally. Without it, you lose a […]


Canadian French Localization vs. European French Localization and Why You Need to Know the Difference  »

by Erica Goldberg

There is something unique about the way each person speaks. If you have a conversation with someone and analyze their word choice and pronunciation, you may be able to figure out their social class, lifestyle, or even where they were raised. Thanks to living in France for about a year and a half, and visiting […]


5 questions you should ask before choosing a translation partner  »

by Chelsea Ramage

Gaining a competitive edge in your organization’s international expansion is fundamental to growing your company. How do you outperform your competitors while increasing global market share and enhancing client satisfaction? It’s simple: translation and localization. What gets cumbersome is selecting the right translation partner. Your company’s brand is on the line, which means selecting a […]

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