Connecting Agile Localization With An Agile Workflow: Interpro & Coreworx

by Gordon Varney PMP, Director, Software Development and Agile Coach

Agile has become the norm in most software development shops. On the surface, localization (of the text at least) seems a rather non-Agile activity. As a service provider, Interpro knows that understanding and a close-as-possible integration with a client’s process leads to a win-win (and greatly simplifies additional projects). They can participate on a day-to-day, sprint-to-sprint basis, with comfort and little or no cost impact.

About Coreworx

Coreworx, an enterprise software shop in Canada, develops construction management software for mega-projects in the oil and gas industry worldwide. A fully Agile shop with no prior localization or translation experience and some two million lines of code across several dev languages, fit with a translation company was a must.

Late in 2014 a new customer of ours asked for a Simplified Chinese version including the User Interface (UI), database, and documentation. The scope of the work represented some 290K words in the documentation and 120K in the UI. We sought Agile-supportive localization quotes from large and small translation firms. The quotes were comparable with respect to cost, turnaround time, and file delivery.

Why did Interpro get selected?

Interpro's approach to software localization was slightly different than the other translation companies we were vetting. The Agile approach is far different from sending a single file at the end of the project, doing a massive translation, and then importing. Interpro's background in software localization and comfort level with working in an Agile environment were key reasons why we selected them to be our partner on this project.

Interpro's involvement with Coreworx

With a project plan in place, Interpro became part of Coreworx's scrum team. They were called into stand-ups with our product group, added to the team DL, and contributed externalization ideas regularly. As the words and strings were added to the .po file ad hoc, translation would take place as needed and testing was continuous.

"I feel as if I am completely part of the Coreworx team," said Yuko Kato, Sr. Project Manager at Interpro. “Not only do they make sure I am involved, they answer all of my questions right away so we never lose any time with the translation delivery." Using Skype throughout the day, Yuko participated in stand-ups and chatted with team members as though they were in the next cubicle.

Interpro project team for CoreworxInterpro created Coreworx's translation glossary and translation memory which continuously evolved with the project. The technical translations and demos were held at the end of each sprint which included showing the customer the progression of the project.

Being able to show the customer the evolution of the UI in their own language at the end of each sprint contributed greatly to customer relations and participation.

The end result was a localized Chinese version of the Gryfalcon UI and online HELP delivered on time and within budget. We got outstanding service from Interpro, in the way we were most comfortable working.

With Interpro we don’t have a partner, we have team members. I won’t be looking for vendors or asking for quotes again.

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Gordon Varney PMP
Director, Software Development and Agile Coach