Interpro’s Collateral Wins the Golden Addy Award

by Nicholas Strozza

Interpro collateral wins Addy Award

Interpro is proud to announce that we have an award-winning marketing booklet! The marketing booklet has a creative WORDS theme to it and both Interpro and M45, Interpro’s marketing partner for the piece, dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to ensure its success.

The project began in 2015, when Interpro and M45 Marketing Services set out to redevelop Interpro’s primary marketing brochure.  The two companies have had a long-standing working relationship since the mid-90s. Interpro has partnered with M45 when clients of theirs require translation services, so it made sense to partner with M45 for this exciting marketing booklet redesign.

The WORDS booklet’s purpose is to not only showcase Interpro’s localization service offerings, but more importantly tell the tale of how Interpro helps its clients in partnership. Additionally, the booklet serves to express the importance of language translation services as an investment and how this investment should be thought about early in client’s processes.

Taking home the Gold

The Interpro WORDS collateral piece was submitted for the American Advertising Awards competition. On Thursday February 18th, 2016 the American Advertising Awards competition which took place in Rockford, IL awarded M45 Marketing Services with a Gold Addy for their work in completing this standout Interpro WORDS brochure. Over 40,000 entries compete nationwide in local area American Advertising Award competitions.  Per the organization’s website, the mission of the competition is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising.

The 26- page booklet is built around a WORDS-themed concept where different key words in English signify what Interpro is all about; these words are then translated into over 80 languages. There are also examples from our clients showcasing localized versions of content we translated from them. We showcase a brochure for Visit Orlando, a website localized for La-Co, a marketing piece localized for Klein Tools, an eLearning course localized for a not-for-profit client, and a localized mobile app.

“From our first conversation with Interpro, we were excited about the approach they wanted to take with this piece,” said Marilyn Smit, co-owner of M45 Marketing Services and writer for the piece.  “The designer for the piece, Mindy Becker, and I were delighted to be able to showcase our capabilities on behalf of Interpro!”

Interpro is extremely proud of this achievement, both creatively and as a true example of a successful partnership. We look forward to sharing this brochure with current and potential clients!

To request a copy, please shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to coordinate.

Nick Strozza

Vice President, Marketing and Sales

"Working at Interpro allows me to be part of a talented team where we are collaborating together to exceed our client’s expectations for each project."