Interpro to Showcase eLearning Localization Capabilities at LSCON 2018

Interpro’s leading eLearning localization capabilities will be on display at the 2018 Learning Solutions Conference (LSCON). The 2018 LSCON is in Orlando, Florida from March 27-29. This year’s conference includes invaluable keynotes, sessions, and curated paths that will allow attendees to explore learning and performance ecosystems, international perspectives, industry insights, and more. The 2018 Learning Solutions program has been expanded to be the most comprehensive conference yet. With additional hands-on learning opportunities, attendees can explore a multitude of solutions to learning and development challenges. From eLearning Directors and Curriculum Managers to eLearning Analysts and LMS Administrators, this conference offers everyone the opportunity to gain new tools and strategies.

LSCON 2018

Each year, the Interpro team eagerly awaits the opportunity to not only to showcase our talents and explore the upcoming trends in eLearning localization, but also to network with other professionals and clients. In addition to attending the sessions, Interpro is excited to exhibit at booth 103 inside the largest learning technologies expo in North America. The Expo Hall will offer us the prime opportunity to engage in conversations about the localization learning solutions we offer. Dean Haman, and Nick Strozza, will be in attendance to share more about our eLearning localization capabilities.

Why eLearning Localization Matters

With eLearning quickly becoming the face of education in the 21st century, eLearning localization is a vital piece of the educational puzzle. Localization allows organizations to offer audio, video, and text curriculum for multilingual audiences by localizing and adapting text displays, graphics, and interactive content. This localization process boosts the engagement, retention, and overall experience of course participants by allowing them to have the best learning experience possible in their native languages.

Interpro’s eLearning Localization Expertise

Interpro takes a customized approach to our work with individual organizations based on your needs and culture. By combining our team of language experts with advanced translation memory technology, we are able to offer services like multilingual content syncing, voice-over recording with native speakers, and script transcription and translation to elevate our clients’ eLearning results.

The Interpro team is looking forward to our fifth year at the Learning Solutions Conference. We are excited to hear more about the different eLearning localization projects you have planned for 2018 and to share the ways in which our localization team can maximize your eLearning results. Start the conversation by visiting us at booth 103 in the Expo Hall or by contacting us today.