Interpro to Showcase HR Translation Capabilities at SHRM 2018

Interpro Translation Solutions will be showcasing their HR and eLearning translation services at the 2018 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago. This conference is hosted from June 17-20 at McCormick Place and promises to be the premiere event for human resources professional development. This conference is ideal for individuals and organizations looking to discover trends and new legislation that will keep companies current and compliant. In addition to the many aspects of HR training that will be showcased and networking opportunities that will be available, the conference is also very solutions-oriented, focusing on different types of problem solving for the HR world. Fittingly, Interpro will be there to deliver insight into the importance of HR translation services for businesses both small and large.

Aside from attending the different sessions that span a variety of topics related to HR compliance and workplace trends, the Interpro team is also looking forward to meeting professionals and clients. The Interpro team will be in booth #3631 in the Exposition where they will have the opportunity to share insight and foster new customer relationships. There, the Interpro team will be able to discuss firsthand the benefits of HR translation services.

The Importance of HR Translation

Companies and organizations with multilingual staff benefit from HR translation services. Whether your company is locally based with a handful of non-native speakers or your company has expanded to include a multilingual global workforce, having professionally translated human resources materials is an integral part of an effective business management plan. Accurate and professional HR translation ensures that all employee materials, such as codes of conduct, training manuals, benefits package materials, and even day-to-day communications, read error-free and are culturally relevant in the target languages. Furthermore, research has proven that employee engagement and retention are higher when materials are delivered in employees’ native languages. With human resource materials offering safeguards for both employees and your company, settling for anything other than professional HR translation services is not worth the risk.

Interpro’s HR Translation Expertise

Interpro uses a personalized approach when offering HR translation services to new clients. Our team will identify specific needs based on the priorities of each organization or company when it comes to human resources. From engagement to talent retention, these priorities can help Interpro determine which materials need to be translated and if a target language glossary is the right choice for your specific needs.

Source files can be translated from the most popular authoring platforms. The seamless translation process flows from the initial scope analysis to translating, editing, and proofreading. After which, the materials are formatted (if required), quality assurance is performed, and the target language files are delivered. Since the Interpro team is comprised of native in-country translators and there is a rigorous translation workflow, quality is never an issue.

We are excited about this year’s SHRM Conference and Exposition. We hope to learn more about the newest trends in talent management plans for 2018, and we look forward to exploring the ways our professional translation services can improve your HR experience. The conversation begins in booth #3631 on June 17, or you can contact us today to get started sooner.