Interprospectives September 2022: Interpro’s 2022 Highlights

by Ralph Strozza

Interpro's New RemoteFirst Global Headquarters

The year began with a major change in our day-to-day routine: in January, we instituted a RemoteFirst work policy, giving employees the option to work 100% remotely or to commute to our office whenever they felt like it. Of course, face-to-face encounters of the collegial kind are very important for effective collaboration and to reinforce the sense of team and of belonging. Therefore, we do have mandatory team and company meetings, as well as events, mostly so people, don’t forget what I look like (😊). So far, so good. Everyone stays safe, everyone is extremely productive, and morale is high. The commute from the bedroom to the home office is tolerable. Life is good. 

After going back and forth about leasing options on our office space (renew our existing lease in Lisle?; downsize to accommodate fewer employees physically working together in one space?; upgrade to a larger space with foosball tables, huddle areas, and a gourmet kitchen to entice employees back to the office?), we decided the time was right to buy our own space. The sense of stability from owning our own office is palpable for employees, owners, and clients alike. We closed on our new home in February, and immediately brought in the architect, after which demolition began.  

Four months and many sleepless nights later, we moved to our new space in Wheaton (only five minutes from the old office), and everyone seems to love it. If you are ever in the area, please stop by to say hi and join us for coffee. Or, if you happen to come by in the late afternoon, we can substitute the coffee with an adult beverage (or two). Either way, welcome! 

Interpro Translation Solutions New Global Headquarters
The new Interpro headquarters in Wheaton, IL

The Interpro Team at the New Headquarters

The Interpro Team at the New Headquarters

Celebrating 27 Years of Quality Language Services

In March, we celebrated our 27th anniversary in business. When we hit our first-year milestone back in 1996, I never dreamed we’d still be celebrating in 2022.  

In June, we underwent our first ISO Surveillance Audits and passed with flying colors thanks to a hard-working team dedicated to continuously improving our processes, and to keeping total client satisfaction as our primary goal. As always, I’d like to give a big shout-out to Sam Somerville of Jigsaw Quality Management and Audit Solutions in the UK, whose guidance and counsel in all things ISO have proven invaluable since we began working together almost two years ago. Thank you again, Sam. 

Speaking of ISO and the importance it attaches to client satisfaction, in late April, we sent out our 2nd annual satisfaction survey to all active Interpro clients. I am ecstatic to report that the survey yielded an overall 99.8% satisfaction rate! Thank you to all participants, and to everyone who worked hard to make this happen.   

Thank you, Larry, for 25 Years of Service (and counting)

One of the rewards of taking a long-term approach to business is developing long-term relationships. On August 25th, in anticipation of Larry Pilotto’s 25th work anniversary at Interpro (September 11, 2022), we gathered at the new office to work side by side for the day. After finishing up mid-afternoon, we celebrated with a few libations followed by dinner at Fogo de Chão. Larry, thank you for all of your contributions over the past 25 years and to sticking with us through thick and thin. We look forward to your next 25!

Larry Pilotto and Ralph Strozza on Larry's 25 Work Anniversary

Larry Pilotto and Ralph Strozza on Larry's 25 Work Anniversary

So, with three-quarters of the year coming to a close, I don’t think it is an understatement to say that 2022 has been our best year ever, in so many ways.

A big THANK YOU to our clients, employees, and friends. You make it all worthwhile.

Ralph Strozza, CEO
Interpro Translation Solutions

Ralph, the Pizza Chef


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