Solutions for Software Developers

Interpro was founded in March,1995 offering one specific service: user interface localization of application software running on the IBM AS/400 midrange computer platform. In response to client requests for additional localization services, we continuously expanded our business and capabilities over the years. Although we offer turnkey multilingual solutions for a wide variety of content types, we continue to build on our core competency: localization of software user interfaces and related content.

Experience and know-how

Software localization affords your multilingual customers the best overall user experience, and our team understands that. Through decades of experience localizing software applications for our clients, Interpro has developed standardized software localization workflows designed to deliver a quality product within an efficient and dependable timetable.

Our professional, two-pronged approach will meet your localization needs in terms of linguistics and functionality. When your software is localized, the language displayed on screen will be accurately translated without impacting your source code. Through the use of professional tools specifically designed for UI localization, literals, error messages, reports, screen layouts, readability, fonts, and text expansion (or contraction) are all expertly translated in order to preserve the integrity – as well as the look and feel – of your application. A value-add of partnering with Interpro is that through the use of various localization tools, we ensure that your translated terminology is consistent across all verticals. For example, on-screen literals will be consistent with the text generated in reports, your online Help text, as well as with user guides and associated collateral.

Take your software to the next level.

Related to software localization is software internationalization: a process by which software is adapted to accommodate various linguistic and regional norms. Time and date formats, decimals, multiple currencies, report formats, support for double-byte character set processing, and externalization of literals into resource files are a few examples of what might be required to internationalize a software application. Our team works with clients to identify the areas of a software application that may need to be modified, and develops a project plan to execute the work.

Interpro provides software localization and internationalization services for the following development environments:

  • IBM i (OS/400, i5/OS)
  • Windows
  • Cloud
  • iOS
  • Android

Additionally, we work with all different types of resource files such as RESX, JSON, Strings, and Properties, to name a few.

We’re here to help.

We understand that your software is the engine driving your business, and your clients, in turn, rely on your products to run their business. By making your application available in multiple languages, you enhance both user satisfaction and usability. Working with an experienced software localization company like Interpro will ensure your success in the global marketplace. Contact us, and together we’ll discuss how to get the process started.