Solutions for the Training Industry

Training is absolutely essential in order to provide employees the skills they need to perform their jobs effectively and to maximize end-user comprehension. In today’s globalized economy, the availability of training materials and internal information in the language of your target audience is no longer a luxury, but a critical element in increasing your competitive worldwide advantage.

Employees of global organizations need instruction in their native language, with user experiences integrating written, visual, and spoken access to communication channels. Organizations that effectively localize their training ensure that their work environments are inclusive and welcoming to all cultures.

Interpro’s training localization service offering goes beyond mere translation: our subject-matter experts deliver localized content that incorporates an authentic, engaging, and culturally appropriate training experience for all end users.

Create a competitive advantage – on a global scale.

Making training available in the language in which your audience learns best has a direct impact on:

  1. Productivity
  2. Localized instructional content makes it easier for employees and management to communicate more effectively. This improves the productivity of both the organization’s HR staff and every employee.
  3. Compliance
  4. Ensuring organizational and employee compliance with local and national legislation is critical. Comprehensive training localized in the native language of each employee can help reduce errors and, subsequently, the costs of non-compliance, contributing to accelerated ROI.
  5. Retention
  6. A study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) reported that inadequate training contributes to 41% of employees leaving the organization within a year. Localized training demonstrates a commitment to employee development by helping them attain improved skills, achieve success, and enjoy higher job satisfaction.

Improve learning outcomes.

At Interpro, we don’t just translate your training materials from one language to another. Our professional linguists culturally adapt high-value content to the preferences and learning styles of other cultures. To ensure that all learners achieve the same educational outcomes – on the same timetable and with the same effort – we blend meaning and cultural awareness to create effective communications that maximize end-user engagement for your multilingual audiences.

Industry research shows explosive growth in training technology and tools. Interpro’s comprehensive training localization services encompass a wide variety of instructional formats:

  • eLearning courses
  • training videos
  • online communication channel localization
  • virtual learning
  • streaming media
  • self-paced classroom instruction
  • MOOCs (e.g. Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, edX, etc.)
  • instructor-led classroom instruction
  • user manuals
  • installation and operations manuals
  • training reference guides/materials
  • Website content

The global nature of today’s business underlines the importance of delivering consistent and accurate training localized to the native language of your employees. Their success – and yours – hinges on an exceptional training experience that ensures the highest level of comprehension and enhanced learning outcomes.

At Interpro, we set the stage for your success by the level of quality, attention to detail, and exceptional client service we are known for. Contact us, and together we’ll discuss how to get started.