Diversity at Interpro

Since 1995, diversity has been a key component of Interpro's success. It is who we are as an organization, and how we run our business. By leveraging all of the various cultural and linguistic differences between our employees, we can continuously view our work in unique perspectives. We firmly believe that this sets Interpro apart from other companies in our industry and gives us a competitive edge.

Who is Interpro? Interpro is a small group of dedicated, professional men and women who come from several different countries and speak multiple languages. Interpro employees range from recent college graduates well under 30 years old to those who have been out of school and working for over 30 years.

Interpro is an open environment where any employee can call a company meeting if he/she feels the need. The CEO's door is always open, and no appointment is needed in order to speak with him. The Company is open to the ideas and suggestions of its employees, and will frequently consult them before instituting new policies, creating an inclusive work environment that values everyone.

We hire individuals based on their ability and their experience to serve our clients in the most effective way, not on the color of their skin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or any other factor. We pride ourselves in maintaining an environment that is free of discrimination, making Interpro a truly equal employment opportunity company.