Emalyn Caballero

Project Assistant

Emalyn assists the project management and production team with keeping translation projects organized. She has a Master’s degree in Translation and is excited to be a part of the Interpro team.

When not working, she enjoys playing video games, watching scary movies, doing crafts, and karaoke.

Favorite thing about translation: I love being able to help people connect regardless of what language they speak. I also love that people from all over the world can enjoy all kinds of things because of translation.

What country would you most like to visit? Japan or Korea.

Languages: English, Spanish, and some Japanese.

If tomorrow you could speak another language fluently, which would it be? Korean or Mandarin.

Favorite music genre: I enjoy all kinds of music, like k-pop, j-rock, Spanish music, and bachata.

Favorite foreign cuisine: I love Mexican food and Korean food.

Favorite place to travel to abroad: Quiroga in Mexico.

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