Erica Goldberg

Project Manager

If there were a foreign language passion meter, Erica would have hers at the top. She graduated with a BA in French Business and Translation with a minor in Spanish and continued her education to receive an MA in French and Francophone World Studies.

Erica is a translation project manager who works mostly on French localization, Spanish localization, and languages into English projects.

When not providing translation and localization services, Erica enjoys going dancing: jazz, salsa, name it.

What is your favorite thing about offering translation solutions? I enjoy working with our translation teams and being able to use my language abilities as a part of my career path.

Language(s): English, French, Spanish.

If tomorrow you could speak another language fluently, which would it be? German. My grandparents were from Germany, and when I was little, I heard German all the time.

Favorite movie: L’auberge Espagnole with Audrey Tatou, which describes life as a foreign exchange student in Barcelona. It reminds me of my time as an exchange student in Avignon.

Favorite music genre: I love all kinds of music from all over the world, but I enjoy music in Spanish the most. I also love singer songwriters and Québécois rock and pop.

Fun fact: When I was an exchange student in France, I took a Spanish class at the Université d’Avignon that was taught in French. Taking a third language in my second language was a fun challenge!

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