Free eBook for Human Resources: How to Choose a Translation Partner

Learn how to find the right translation partner for your organization with these tips and must-ask questions from professional translators.


What you’ll find inside:

  • 3 areas to consider when choosing a translation agency.
  • 5 questions you need to ask when interviewing a translation agency.
  • 5 questions you want to ask to ensure quality translations.
  • How to get more accurate quotes by determining what needs to be translated.
  • Bonus: Your interpreting options for language inclusivity.

Quality Translations are Essential to Saving You Time, Effort, and Money

You have materials that need to be translated (and maybe an event that you’d like interpreted). But how do you even start to find qualified translators and interpreters? And how can you do it in the most efficient way possible?

Be confident that you’re getting the best translation and interpreting services. Get all your questions about the translation process answered with the free eBook ‘Human Resources: How To Choose a Translation Partner’.

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