On-Site Interpreting

Interpro delivers on-site interpreting services in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 for events, meetings, and conferences. With on-site interpreting, sometimes referred to as Traditional Interpreting, interpreters are physically present in the same room as the speakers. As with all of our language services, our goal is to provide you with the most effective solution possible, and to offer recommendations that will ensure the highest level of linguistic comprehension for all of your event’s attendees.

For conferences, Interpro provides turnkey interpreting solutions. We have the experience, resources, equipment, and expertise to ensure streamlined multilingual communications. With on-site interpreting, professional interpreters work in our soundproof booths, and interpreter headsets and receivers are made available for attendees. Interpro will work with your venue and production team well in advance of your event to ensure that booths are installed in the most optimal location for your floor plan.

As part of our workflow, Interpro provides each client with an on-site event Project Manager as well as technical support staff in order to make sure that your event is efficient, successful, and stress-free.

Having interpreters on-site allows your attendees to communicate directly with our professional linguists between sessions. Additionally, it proves beneficial to have interpreters on-site for any ‘Question and Answer’ sessions that may be part of your event’s agenda, facilitating seamless exchanges between attendees and speakers without language barriers.

On-site interpreting could also be used in situations where consecutive interpreting may be appropriate; for example, during meetings where simultaneous dialog is not a requirement. The speaker presents, followed by a pause after which the interpreter interprets, and vice-versa.

By partnering with Interpro, you can rest assured that your messaging will be accurate and seamless as we work alongside you to plan, prepare, and deliver content to your attendees in their native languages.