Ralph is the driving force behind the Interpro brand. Before founding Interpro in 1995, Ralph saw the need for a translation and localization company that could offer a turnkey solution for organizations requiring a multilingual product offering.

From assisting clients with special requests to providing hands-on linguistic assistance, Ralph ensures that everyone on the Interpro team has what they need to do their jobs better so that our clients receive a superior overall product and experience.

How did you get into the translation services industry? While in graduate school, I got a part-time job working as a lexicographer for a machine translation software developer. I also did translations for clients and eventually ended up learning the system so that I could do implementations and client training.

We ran a translation service business using the technology which enabled me to learn that aspect of the business. The rest is history!

What country would you most like to visit? Actually, it's the US. I haven't been to Alaska yet and I've been wanting to go there for a very long time.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish.

If tomorrow you could speak another language fluently, which would it be? Russian.

Favorite foreign cuisine: French, hands down.

Favorite movie: A tie between "A River Runs Through It" and "Come Back, Little Sheba".

Favorite sports team: The Monsters of the Midway (AKA the Chicago Bears).

Favorite place traveled abroad: France. I was lucky enough to live, study, and work there and got to really know it in-depth.

Funniest international experience: I was studying in France and took the train from Avignon to Marseille connecting to a train to Italy. I was extremely thirsty and while running to catch my train in Marseille, I saw a big water fountain. As I was about to take a few quick gulps, I caught sight of a sign affixed to the fountain proclaiming "CE N'EST PAS UN PISSOIR" (“THIS IS NOT A URINAL”). I suddenly wasn't thirsty anymore and decided to continue running to catch my train.

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