Survey Translation

Whether you’re a university seeking data on academic programs or a business seeking to determine customer satisfaction, surveys are an effective tool for providing insight into your client’s state of mind relative to the service you are providing. Interpro offers survey translation in every modern language on the most widely utilized survey platforms. We can help you to provide a vehicle through which your clients can communicate their opinions concerning:

  • the overall quality of your products and services;
  • the performance of your customer-facing staff;
  • suggested improvements in processes;
  • gaining a better understanding of their needs.

Our expertise ensures that regardless of your survey’s topic, our professional, specially trained translators, revisers, and proofreaders will localize it in order to maximize the benefits to your organization. All of our linguistic work is done by our in-country translation teams in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards, ensuring that translations will be accurate, consistent, and will conform to current norms of the target language. Whether your organization’s industry is medical, academic, technical, HR, or other, or you are just interested in feedback concerning how you can improve your business processes, our linguistic experts possess the industry-specific knowledge for the subject matter you want to measure with your survey.


Interpro has the resources and expertise to localize your survey in a variety of ways. The primary question is the level of multilingual support provided by your survey tool. This can vary greatly from tool to tool, ranging from limited support to full support for dozens of languages. Considering your multilingual needs is critical in choosing the right tool to use, as some may only handle a limited number of languages, or may not support particular language sets, such as right-to-left or ideographic languages. Although multilingual support tends to be a paid feature of these tools, cost is not always a good indicator of a tool’s capability.

Once you have selected the tool with the level of support you require, Interpro will proceed according to the following scenarios:

  1. You provide us with the survey to translate in whichever format is most convenient for you.
  2. With this approach, all interactions within the tool are handled by you, and Interpro delivers the translated survey in a format that you specify. We would then QA the live survey once you have uploaded and published it, and report any translation issues to you should we find any.
  3. A more turnkey approach would be to provide Interpro with access to the survey in your tool's platform.
  4. We would proceed to download the content of the survey (which can be done in different ways depending on the tool used to create it), translate it, and then upload the translated survey back into the platform. Once that is done, we will perform a final QA of the target-language survey, and modify the translation as needed as a result of the QA process, without you having to be involved in any of these steps.

One important point to note about surveys is that the types of questions can pose unique challenges for translation. Fixed answers like drop-down boxes provide more consistency, but are not always the best method for gathering data. Open-ended questions tend to be trickier, as respondents will be answering in their own language and in their own personal style, meaning you may wish to have those answers translated back into English. While interpreting open-ended responses may be challenging during translation, it’s by no means impossible, and Interpro can have your data translated and delivered back to you in an expeditious matter.