Web Proxy Translation

Technology exists today that transforms the way content is created and consumed around the world. Web Proxy solutions are end-to-end, cloud-based tools for digital content translation designed to simplify and streamline translation by eliminating 90% of the manual processes and costs associated with localization.

By using this advanced technology, your global content can be consolidated in the cloud and integrated seamlessly with any tech stack in order to:

  1. provide visibility through a centralized workplace;
  2. deploy flexible workflows that enable team efficiency and ensure translation accuracy.

Web Proxy translation solutions are an excellent fit for agile, data-driven companies, and are used to assist organizations in launching multilingual websites quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively.

Localizing content with Web Proxy technology accelerates the entire translation/revision/proofreading process, improves the consistency of terminology, style, and overall quality, and reduces costs by automating many of the repetitive, time-intensive tasks that are usually done manually.

Organizations retain complete control of managing localized content and can more easily assess ROI. With Web Proxy solutions, organizations gain complete transparency in managing multiple translation projects and in increasing revenue through the localization of content that is relevant. Additionally, these technology platforms afford considerable flexibility concerning workflow configuration.

Web Proxy Translation Process

The typical workflow for a translation project using a Web Proxy solution begins with source content being identified and released for translation. Next, an automatic handoff message will be sent by the Web Proxy, and the content to be translated will then be analyzed using the technology’s built-in Translation Memory function. Once completed, the pre-configured workflow will assign linguistic tasks to pre-determined professional, in-country linguistic teams consisting of translators, proofreaders, revisers, and Quality Assurance specialists. These teams will translate, revise, and proofread the selected content in multi-layer workflow steps using the Web Proxy’s editor. Once the translated content is finalized, it gets submitted to the Web Proxy tool, and is released to go live on the worldwide web.

As with all other types of content translation, Interpro’s deployment of Web Proxy solutions is executed in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards. Using the latest Translation Memory technology, quality, consistency with previously-translated materials, and leveraging to maximize cost effectiveness and delivery efficiencies will be ensured.