Which languages do you translate?

Our services are available in any modern language, with localization for specific vernaculars and dialects.

Supported Languages

Can you translate multiple languages simultaneously?


You’ll work with one Interpro contact, whether we’re translating one language or 50. Translations for different target languages are executed simultaneously by our professional in-country linguists. Our process allows our team to coordinate multiple language requirements for nearly every translation project, often on multiple platforms.

Our Process

Where are your translators located?

All translations take place with in-country translators who are immersed in your target languages and cultures. This ensures that translations adhere to current linguistic trends and will be well received by your audience. Interpro’s team of experienced, professional translators, revisers, and proofreaders provide worldwide coverage, regardless of the language.

What types of content do you translate?

Virtually any type of content, such as: marketing, legal, eLearning, mobile applications, help, multimedia, multilingual voice over recording, multilingual video, software, websites, web applications, documentation, user manuals, training materials, emails, texts, surveys, and technical information.

Our diverse client base includes application software developers, manufacturing companies, service industries, member-driven organizations, not-for-profits, educational institutions, marketing firms, medical and healthcare organizations, and much more.

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What types of files do you work with?

Interpro’s engineering team has worked successfully with every file we’ve been given to date. If you don’t see your file type, software or platform listed after clicking the link below, let us know! We’re always up for a challenge.

Applications & File Types

How do you guarantee confidentiality?

We have non-disclosure agreements in place with our employees and our partners and are happy to review the terms of your NDA, should you have one. We act as though an NDA is in place, whether it is or not.

How do you ensure quality?

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our entire process is designed to ensure that you receive superior quality every step of the way, including providing linguists with the appropriate subject matter expertise for your translation. We have an experienced professional team of experts and a full complement of resources, tools and technologies devoted to delivering positive outcomes. Consistently.

To prove our dedication to quality, all of Interpro’s services are all provided in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards, so you can be confident you’ll always receive the highest level of quality and service.

Learn More About Our ISO Certification

Is Interpro ISO certified? Why is that important?

Interpro’s holds two ISO Certifications:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to ensure our processes and methodology are continually improving and meeting the high level of quality clients have come to expect from interpro.

17100:2015 Translation Services to ensure our translation services meet International Standards and are constantly improving.

We deliver all our service in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards, so you can be confident you’ll always receive the highest level of quality.

Discover the Benefits of Our ISO Certification

Do you use Machine Translation?

While Interpro’s standard translation offering is based on professional human translation, revision, and proofreading, we understand that budgets, project scope, and delivery timelines may benefit from using Machine Translation.

Upon client request, Interpro can provide options using Machine Translation with human MT post-editing services.

How can I send my files to you?

Interpro offers a variety of platforms for secured file sharing, from WeTransfer to FTP to our online portal. However, if you want to send and receive files using a different method, simply let your account executive know.

How much notice do you need before starting a project?

We appreciate as much advance notice as you can provide, but our Worldwide Partner Network and established operational model allow us to handle large projects on short notice without needing to search for additional linguists.

When my translation is complete, how is it delivered?

Completed projects are usually delivered via your preferred file sharing method in the same file format as the source material. If you prefer an alternate method of delivery, simply let your account executive or project manager know. When your project is ready to be downloaded, your project manager will notify you via email.

How quickly will I receive my translation?

Actual project duration varies and depends on a variety of factors, including languages being translated, number of words, and file formats. Additional time may be required for desktop publishing, graphics localization, voice over recording, online validation, engineering processes, and final pre-delivery QA.

Expectations concerning cost, and delivery parameters are specified at the quotation stage of your project.

What if an error is found after I receive delivery?

Should you find any inaccuracies, incorrect translations or recordings, errors, or other deficiencies in the work developed by Interpro, we will immediately rectify those errors and deficiencies introduced by our company as a result of the localization and translation processes at no additional cost.

We make every attempt to minimize the possibility of errors or issues, however language preferences can vary. We recommend creating a glossary or incorporating a separate linguistic review process to minimize the possibility of changes.

In accordance with ISO standards 9001:2015 and 17100:2015, should a non-conformity occur, we determine the root cause(s) and implement a corrective action plan to minimize errors from recurring.

ISO CertificationsGuarantee of Workmanship

Do you provide sample translations?

Yes, we can provide you with a sample translation. Sample translations are offered before any financial commitment is made because we want you to have full trust in our partnership, process, and quality of our work.

I already have a translation. Can you review it for quality, consistency and accuracy?

Yes. This type of project is typically undertaken on a time and materials basis, the total amount of time and cost being dependent on the volume and quality of the translation being revised.

Linguistic Revision & Proofreading

I need a quote. What do you need from me?

Providing us with a complete set of source files or access to your authoring platform allows for an in-depth analysis of the content, resulting in a not-to-exceed quotation in terms of cost and delivery.

If source files are not provided or are unavailable, we can provide an estimate based on project assumptions, but it will be re-analyzed for a final quote once the source files have been received.

Get a Quote

How quickly can I get a quote?

Generally, our team turns quotes around quickly after receiving your quote request. Once we have your source files, the turnaround time on quotes depends on the complexity of the localization project. Your account executive will keep you updated on when you can expect to receive your quotation.

Do you charge for providing a quote?

No. We don’t charge a fee for quoting your project.

Can you provide a quote for translation based on our live website?

Yes, we can quote based on a live site, but it will only be an estimate. A quote that’s based on access to your CMS or an export of your website content will result in a more accurate quotation for your project.

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How much will my translation cost?

Costs vary, depending on the complexity and scope of your project. Many things impact cost, for example: specific target languages, number of words to be translated, type of source files, amount of file preparation and engineering, whether or not voice over recording is required, desktop publishing needs, number of graphics requiring localization, and quality assurance or validation requirements.

What are your rush fees?

We do not charge rush fees. If your project is urgent, we would appreciate receiving as much notice as possible so that we can plan accordingly. We will always try to accommodate your deadline provided it doesn’t impact quality.

By providing us with your source content files when requesting a quote, we’re generally able to provide the quote within 24 hours and launch the project immediately upon quote approval.

What is your minimum charge?

We recommend bundling text for translation as much as possible. Typically, anything that is 250 words or less is charged at the target language’s hourly rate plus our project management fee. Because we focus on building long-term partnerships, we sometimes waive minimum fees if an organization has consistent language service needs.

How do you bill or invoice for services and when is payment due?

Projects with a 30-day or less duration are invoiced upon project delivery. Larger projects are typically invoiced on a monthly or milestone basis throughout the project life cycle. We appreciate receiving payments on a net-30 basis.

Who owns the Translation Memory?

You do. A Translation Memory developed by Interpro as a result of providing foreign language translation services remains the property of the client upon payment in full for services rendered. Your Translation Memory is available upon request. We don’t share memories between clients unless authorized to do so, which usually occurs only between affiliate organizations.

Can you use the Translation Memory I already have?

Yes. We can work with a previously-developed Translation Memory provided you are satisfied with the quality of the translated segments. Additionally, we can create Translation Memory for you if you can provide us with your source and target language files.

If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us and we’ll respond promptly with the information you need.

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