Interpro is committed to removing language barriers and connecting people across cultures.

Language equity and improving information access for individuals who don’t speak English or speak English as a second language is a priority at Interpro. Our organization is made up of dedicated, multilingual professional men and women who come from different countries and cultures.

We recognize that navigating information available solely in English can seem impossible for those who don’t speak the language or who are unfamiliar with cultural references. By localizing your materials to communicate more effectively with your audience, we can help you bridge the language gap. We’re here to help ensure the translations are accurate, no matter the audience you serve.

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Our Mission is information access for everyone.

We create stronger relationships through language, and relationships create a better world.

Interpro connects people of different cultures worldwide through language while creating long-term partnerships that bridge cultures and remove language barriers.

Language Access for Multilingual Inclusion

While many organizations consider DEI a priority, fewer discuss including multiple languages. Translation plays a vital role in promoting language equity and increasing access to information for those who struggle with English.

If you’re not sure what Multilingual Language Access means for your organization, the Interpro team covers all the common FAQs in Language Access: What is Multilingual Language Inclusion?

Discover how to use translation as a tool to increase information access for your company and the first steps to begin your language journey.

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Translation Accessibility

Reach your audience with translated content for websites, videos, e-learning courses, PDFs and more that meets accessibility requirements for your industry and projects in each of your target languages.

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Accessibility in Any Language

Interpro provides language equity for virtually any modern language, including American Sign Language (ASL).

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In Support of Our Mission

Our mission begins with ensuring your translations are accurate to increase information access regardless of the language your audience speaks.

Beyond that, we take pride in supporting language education and healthy lifestyle initiatives for our employees and local communities.

Local Language Education

Northern Illinois University

  • Language studies scholarships
  • Study Abroad travel scholarships
  • Donations of Trados Studio software and training to the Foreign Language Learning Center
  • Trados Studio workshops
  • Guest speaker presentations

Maine South High School Foreign Language Department

  • National Honor Society donations
  • Guest speaker presentations

College of DuPage Foreign Language Department

  • Guest speaker presentations

Fitness, Health and Safety