…is designed with your complete satisfaction in mind.

Our methodology ensures efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity – from project launch to final delivery.

Once you submit your project files to Interpro or provide us access to your cloud-based content, we customize our process to accommodate your project’s requirements. We will review all your files and conduct a thorough analysis of your content to provide you with a not-to-exceed price quotation and a firm delivery schedule.

Whatever your translation, interpreting, or localization needs are, Interpro can provide various solutions based on your language goals.

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We ensure translations are accurate, on time, and in budget.

Translation & Localization Process

After analyzing your files or cloud-based content, Interpro’s experts ensure that any issues are resolved prior to starting the translation and localization process. All translation projects begin with these steps:

  • Project timeline is established with clear deliverables and delivery dates. Translation projects in multiple languages can be launched simultaneously
  • Source files are prepared for translation using Translation Memory tools; filters are employed to protect coding and tags surrounding source language content; formula functions are excluded and protected
  • Our professional linguistic teams execute the Translation, Revision and Proofreading (TRP) phases
  • Translated files are converted to native authoring file formats
  • In-country specialists perform a thorough linguistic quality assurance of the translated content
  • The translated files are delivered ready for publication via the platform established at project launch

Depending on your project’s unique needs, additional steps will be added as outlined below.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Process

Take document translation a step further and create beautifully localized publications. Maintain branding and visual consistency in every langauge.

  • If multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) is in project scope, our DTP specialists examine the content carefully before proceeding to the formatting phase
  • Spacing issues caused by language expansion and shrinkage are resolved
  • Indexes, tables of contents, and cross-references that changed due to localization are reformatted
  • Images and graphics containing translatable text are localized; screen captures are replaced with localized screen captures, as available
  • Appropriate target language page layout is determined (U.S. Letter, A4, or custom layout)
  • Colors, word breaks, leading or line spacing, line wrapping, and other formatting issues are resolved
  • Fonts are matched to source documents; if the source font is not supported in the target language, a matching font is substituted
  • Direction of text/images is reversed for target languages that read right-to-left (RTL), such as Hebrew and Arabic
  • Final validation, or Post-DTP Quality Assurance, is performed as a meticulous, side-by-side comparison of source and target files
  • Translated material is delivered, formatted to match the source file and ready to publish, print, or otherwise deploy with no additional work required

Document Translation & Multilingual DTP

eLearning Localization Process

Craft the perfect learning experience for your audience with our skilled team and consultative methodology. eLearning courses can involve multiple translation and localization processes happening simultaneously: workbook and event material document translation; video subtitles, captions, and voiceovers; or interpreting for a live educational event or recorded instructor led training.

Our goal is to help you manage your multilingual courses easily and ensure we deliver an accurate product and a great experience – for you and your learners.

  • Course script is translated by our professional linguists
  • Script is then submitted for review and approval before voiceover recording takes place
  • Pronunciation guidelines and any other instructions for recording are reviewed
  • Script is professionally recorded and subtitled
  • Text-to-speech and synthetic VOR solution options available
  • Audio and text are synchronized with video
  • Onscreen interactions are synchronized with target language voiceover
  • Localized course is validated, including knowledge checks, assessments, and quizzes
  • Final course is published per specific publication settings

eLearning Localization

Video Translation Process

  • Interpro’s specialists prepare files
  • Professional linguists translate, revise and proofread the script
  • Translated script is sent to the client for approval before voiceover recording starts
  • Script is professionally recorded and subtitled
  • Text-to-speech and synthetic VOR solution options available
  • Audio and text are synchronized with video
  • Translated video is validated
  • Target language video is delivered

Video Translation

Website Localization Process

Whether you need an international site localized or you’re looking for ongoing support staff to post your multilingual content for you, you can rely on Interpro to help.

We’ve been creating custom multilingual solutions since 1995, and assisting with your web strategy is no exception.

  • Client sends Interpro source language website files/exports
  • Files are engineered and prepared for localization
  • Scope is analyzed – resulting in a not-to-exceed price quotation and delivery schedule
  • Professional linguists translate, revise and proofread all content
  • Target language files are uploaded to a staging site for QA
  • Target language website is QAd page by page with the corresponding source language site
  • Modifications are implemented and QAd
  • Final target language files are delivered

SaaS Translation

  • Source content is analyzed – resulting in a not-to-exceed price quotation and delivery schedule
  • Professional linguists translate, revise and proofread all content
  • Changes are dynamically published
  • Translated content is QAd online to ensure quality

Website Translation & Localization

Software Translation Process

  • Client sends receives resource files or strings
  • Files are engineered/prepared for localization
  • Interpro provides scope analysis (price and turnaround)
  • Interpro’s professional linguists localize dialogs, messages, and reports
  • Controls and dialogs are adjusted
  • Translated software is validated
  • Modifications are implemented
  • Target language files are delivered

Software Localization

Interpreting Process

  • Event type, dates, and languages required are communicated
  • Interpro helps determine the best solution—Remote Simultaneous Interpretation or On-Site Interpretation
  • Event is matched with best interpreters for language and subject matter expertise
  • Client is introduced to interpreters and technical support team
  • For Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI):
    • Test run is performed with your team on the interpreting technology platform of choice
    • Recording and translation of event interpretation is provided (only available with advance notification)
  • Event concludes

Interpreting Services

Our Quality Assurance Process

Interpro’s services are fully backed by our Guarantee of Workmanship and delivered in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards. Delivering quality language services has been in Interpro’s DNA since we opened our doors for business in 1995.

We would welcome the opportunity to be your primary translation service partner, or give you peace of mind about the quality of translations produced by your other language service providers.

Our ISO Certifications



Our Guarantee of Workmanship

We want you to be as confident in your translations as we are, so we stand by our work with a Guarantee of Workmanship on every project Interpro delivers.

Interpro’s experienced professionals follow ISO-certified processes, methodologies, and multilevel quality assurance steps. These are specifically designed to consistently ensure successful project outcomes.

Because of this, we are confident in saying:

Should any deliverable not conform to your project’s requirements, we will prioritize correcting any errors at no additional cost.

Total client satisfaction is our undisputed number one objective, and our job is to achieve that for each and every client.