Eleanore Eye

Marketing Manager

Eleanore is the marketing manager at Interpro. She has a master’s in strategic marketing. Her responsibilities are focused on increasing awareness of the high-quality translation and localization services we provide. Eleanore found her home at Interpro after recognizing the need to provide marketing and health education materials in multiple languages.

How did you get into the translation services industry?

After managing the marketing strategy for a health system, I recognized the local Spanish-speaking population was highly underserved. Receiving simple healthcare services became complicated because basic materials like the website, signage, and health education documents were only provided in English. When I realized Interpro solves this exact problem, I jumped on the opportunity to join the team.

What country would you most would like to visit?

I’d have to do an art history tour of Europe. As an undergraduate art student, I’d love to see all the classics that began Western art culture.

If tomorrow you could speak another language fluently, which would it be?

Spanish, hands-down!

Favorite cuisine:

Chinese and Japanese, but I also love a good bruschetta!