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About Interpro Translation Solutions

Interpro Translation Solutions was founded in 1995 with a clear objective: to provide unparalleled quality and service to companies who wish to offer multilingual versions of their products, services, and content to their target market in order to:

  • increase market share
  • gain a competitive edge
  • enhance client satisfaction

We are a multiple language, multiple platform services company focused on the localization and translation needs of our clients. We are technically oriented with excellent knowledge of computer software, websites, manuals, multimedia presentations, graphics, documentation, and the issues involved in localizing them.

Interpro was founded and is owned and managed by Ralph Strozza, who has been actively involved in the translation, internationalization and localization industry since the early 1980s. This includes experience (both in North America and in Europe) in selling translation tools and in organizing and managing localization and international development teams for commercial software developers such as SSA and Intergraph Corporation.

4200 Commerce Court, Suite 204, Lisle, IL 60532 USA
+1 630 245 7150 | info@interproinc.com

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