Interprospectives: September 2023

Dear Friends of Interpro!

As Q3 comes to a close, I am astounded at how quickly 2023 has gone by. It’s no wonder, with so much going on. I’d like to share with you some of what has been happening at Interpro since our last update.

Our Recurring Theme:

Our strategic investments in peopleresources, and continual improvement are designed to ensure consistently positive outcomes for our clients.

Building Our Team’s Culture

Because of our RemoteFirst environment, a growing number of the Interpro team is located outside of the Chicago area. While local employees may select to work from home or the office, it is a constant challenge to keep people “connected”.

In order to connect colleagues who only know each other through online meetings, we flew everyone to Interpro’s Global Headquarters from points east (South Carolina), west (Washington), north (Minnesota, Michigan), and south (Missouri) in June. We all worked together and everyone got to know their colleagues through a weeklong series of meetings and team-building activities.

Beyond building our own team, we are also involved in helping build other teams.

Armstrong International, an Interpro client since 2010, invited us to participate and present at their first-ever Global Marketing Retreat earlier this month in St. Joseph, MI. As their valued translation partner, we were honored to be included as part of their team, and ecstatic to take part in the global marketing discussions that ensued during the week. We look forward to participating in more localization-centric workshops with our clients and prospects.

We were thrilled to do this for Armstrong International, and are excited to do more workshop consulting in the future.

Interpro team on-site with Armstrong International

Proving Our Continual Improvement

With the results of this year’s Client Satisfaction Survey compiled, I am extremely pleased to report that 98% of our clients are happy with Interpro’s service – quite an achievement.

Client Satisfaction is what ISO is all about, and soliciting your feedback every year gives us an opportunity to:

  • gauge your satisfaction with our performance.
  • listen to you concerning where we need to improve.

make us aware of any additional services that your organization needs and that Interpro may be able to provide.


Of course, there are areas we need to work on improving as well as additional services that we are looking into eventually offering. More to come on that in a future edition of Interprospectives.

And speaking of ISO, I am thrilled to report that Interpro passed its second ISO Surveillance Audit with flying colors on May 18th, allowing us to maintain our 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certifications for another year.

Welcome to the International Professionals Team Project Managers graphic

Welcome to Interpro!

Our most valuable asset has always been the Interpro professionals, without whom there would be no Interpro.

I am excited to introduce the latest additions to the Interpro family.

Jolie Parker joined Interpro this past May as a Project Manager. She’s been in the localization industry for over eight years as a Project Manager Lead, Project Support Specialist, and IT Technician. Jolie has an M.A. in Translation Studies from the University of Hull (Yorkshire, UK) and is fluent in French and Spanish. She works remotely from her home near Seattle, WA.

Elizabeth Chivers has been active in the translation and localization industry since 2012, taking on various roles, including translator, reviewer, interpreter, Translation Manager, and Language Access Coordinator at several companies in both North and South America. Elizabeth received her M.A. in Translation & Interpreting from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and is fluent in Spanish and German. Elizabeth joined Interpro as a Project Manager in August and works remotely from her home in suburban Pittsburgh, PA.

The search for talented and experienced localization professionals anxious to join a dynamic team focused on quality and client satisfaction continues.

As always, everyone here at Interpro is grateful for the opportunity to share our news with you, and we thank you for your interest.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions for the next edition of Interprospectives.

We look forward to touching base again closer to the holidays.

Ralph Strozza
Chief Executive Officer

Interpro Translation Solutions