Website/Web Application Localization

When your customers are first gaining awareness of your company and want to learn more about you, your website is the first place they go to for information on your company’s history, your products, your services, and your philosophy. Naturally, you want your website to make a strong first impression, and one way to accomplish that is by making sure your website is localized into a wide variety of languages.

Interpro can help you reach your multilingual target markets by providing the highest quality and most contextually accurate translation of your content. Our website localization services cover everything you’ll need, including translation of all web copy, navigation items, database content, banners, graphics, and multimedia components.

Our multilingual website localization methodology

Interpro has the resources, tools, experience, and methodologies to ensure that your multilingual web presence will effectively project your company’s image in any language. From start to finish, Interpro provides turnkey professional website translation services that make the process simple and efficient for our clients.

At Interpro, we’ve created our own flexible web localization methodology. By using best global practices together with conventional web publishing technology and CMS integration, we ensure linguistic as well as functional accuracy. Interpro offers both traditional and SaaS options, enabling us to customize a solution to fit each client’s unique requirements.

Our technical capabilities and experienced staff allow us to tackle professional website localization with varying degrees of complexity, including web-based applications and database-driven websites. We have a long and successful track record in handling high-volume website projects that require translation into multiple languages simultaneously.

Our goal is to customize a solution specific to your website and your company’s needs. To that end, our solution will allow for a seamless translation process for both the initial translation effort and any subsequent updates of new and/or changed content.

Website localization services

Interpro has a comprehensive set of website localization services, including:

  • Localization and adaptation of online and interactive content
  • Style guide and template creation
  • Translation of static and dynamic content pages
  • Glossary development
  • Translation memory management
  • Database content translation
  • Translation of content management system (CMS) exports
  • Graphics, multimedia, and audio/visual components localization
  • Post-translation online quality assurance and validation

Your customers may come from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, but one thing they have in common is that they want to read your website and understand it without any language barriers in the way. We can make that happen for you with our website and web application localization services.

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