NIU Huskie Network Connects: Caveo Learning & Interpro

With nearly 150,000 NIU alumni living and working in the Chicago area, it’s only natural that Huskies would turn that network to their advantage.

Interpro Translation Solutions            CAVEO Learning


Two alumni-owned businesses did just that when they formed a strategic partnership recently. Caveo Learning is a learning and development consulting firm that specializes in providing return on investment-focused strategic learning and performance solutions. Interpro Translation Solutions is a language translation service, translating companies’ software, websites, manuals and other documents into multiple languages.

“Caveo had worked with us on a project when their client wanted the e-learning materials they were developing translated into another language,” said Nicholas Strozza, ’08, vice president of marketing and sales at Interpro. “We reconnected with Joe [Tota, ’01, vice president, strategic services at Caveo] through some networking events, and it made sense to connect.”

Tota said when he first met Strozza and his father, Interpro’s CEO Ralph Strozza, ’81, the trio connected over NIU.

“It’s nice to know they’re Huskies,” Tota said. “When I see a connection to NIU, I’m likely to want to network with that organization. It’s nice to have some familiar ties.”

“While the quality of work is the most important thing,” Nicholas Strozza said, “it only makes sense for NIU alumni to do business together. It’s a small world, and staying connected is an important thing. One of the things I learned at the NIU College of Business is it has to be a win-win situation. Let’s work together, and we can help each other and the client. It’s a win-win.”

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*Copied from NIU Alumni Association News*