How Spanish Audio Translation Can Benefit Your Organization

microphoneMultimedia localization is an important component in any organization’s global marketing strategy. With videos and mobile applications becoming the norm in information dissemination, it’s essential for any organization trying to reach an international consumer, especially if their targeted market requires Spanish audio translation, to provide multimedia localized to that language.

Why Spanish Audio Translation Matters

According to the Cervantes Institute, Spanish is the majority language in 21 countries, totaling around 442 million Spanish speaking people. That’s a large group of consumers and clients that your videos and eLearning components could be missing out on without the proper Spanish audio translation.

Choosing the Spanish Audio Translation That Best Fits Your Audience

Translating your multimedia materials with Spanish audio translation isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need to be familiar with your target market and culture. The Spanish language has many varieties, and the flavor of your Spanish audio will depend on the population your organization is targeting, whether it be the US Hispanic market, the Latin American market, or Spanish speakers in Europe. In order to be cost-effective, you can also choose to translate into a more universally accepted version of Spanish.

While most Spanish speakers can understand and communicate with Spanish speakers from a different country, your Spanish audio translation should be created with your target market in mind. For example, if you need Spanish audio to enhance eLearning materials, such as training videos for an employee or an online course for a student, you can’t rely on the Spanish that is spoken in European countries if your target audience is Spanish speakers based in North America. The dialects and words can vary too much.

Building Your Brand’s Confidence with Spanish Audio Translation

Your intended audience and market may be able to understand any Spanish audio translation, but it is absolutely essential to create a loyal brand with a Spanish audio translation that clicks with your consumer. Imagine trying to watch a video or an eLearning course in a language you can understand, but aren’t completely familiar with. You could probably muddle through, but you would eventually look for a company that you felt comfortable with in order to truly understand and identify with a given company’s product or service.

Your Spanish audio translation also puts your company in a different league as it reinforces your respect for culture, traditions and language. Even if you’re not attempting to go global, utilizing Spanish audio translation in your marketing and eLearning modules can create a comfortable atmosphere for the 52 million Spanish speakers living in the United States.

Final thoughts on Spanish audio translation

As with most translation services, a Spanish audio translation is not something to DIY. You’ll need to find a professional translation partner who utilizes native Spanish speakers. These native speakers will be experts on the ins and outs of your target market’s particular terminology in order to create a quality brand. Your translation partner should also have experience in your particular field. This can help immensely with the context and quality of your Spanish audio translation, and will help to ensure a flawless final product.

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