Interprospectives February 2023: What’s New This Year

What’s New This Year

A (very) belated Happy New Year to everyone, and my sincere wishes that your 2023 is going well so far! I’d like to share with you some of the latest updates concerning Interpro.

We decided that, after almost twenty-eight years, it was time to update the corporate mission statement which has guided us from 1995 until this year:

“Assist our clients in increasing revenue, market share, and user satisfaction by providing the highest quality translation and interpretation services in the industry.”

With much consideration, care, and input from the entire Interpro team, our new mission statement is:

“We create stronger relationships through language, and relationships create a better world. Interpro connects people of different cultures worldwide through language while creating long-term partnerships that bridge cultures and remove language barriers.”

Our updated mission reflects a more altruistic approach to our business activities: eliminating language barriers in order to improve the world we live in. This also reinforces our core objective of creating relationships to help our clients achieve their goals by delivering quality language services.

I’m excited and proud to share this new mission statement as an essential step in Interpro’s rebrand initiative.

We have consistently increased our investments in people, technology, and processes in order to ensure that total client satisfaction continues to be top of mind. And we will continue to improve your experience with Interpro this year with better delivery, an elevated brand experience, and a new website.

Speaking of which…

P.S. – A redesigned is coming soon!

Our current website has served us well, but to align the new mission statement and new Interpro brand we are building, we will be unveiling a completely redesigned Interpro website this year. We look forward to providing a better user experience and giving you a chance to test drive it.

Our Investment in People

The most critical investment we are making this year is the expansion of our team of language professionals. Our dedicated, caring, and talented team forms the nucleus for providing the highest quality translations and the best possible client service.

I’m thrilled to introduce the newest additions to the Interpro family!

  • Emalyn Caballero – Project Assistant
  • Erich Fang – Sales Support Representative
  • Arianna Martin – Project Manager
  • Stephanie Felt – Project Assistant
  • Philip Pittsford – Director of Sales
  • Anthony Mattucci – Director of Delivery
  • Cambria Morrow – Project Manager

Each employee on our team brings a unique set of skills and experiences, and all have been hired to help us achieve our ultimate goal of delivering total client satisfaction. We look forward to the contributions each of them will make to Interpro.

Interpro is Proud of Our ISO Certifications

In 2020, Interpro began the process toward achieving two ISO certifications that ownership deemed strategic to long-term success:

  • 9001:2015:              Quality Management Systems
  • 17100:2015:            Translation Services

We were awarded both certifications in June 2021 and undergo annual surveillance audits to ensure continuous compliance with the standards. We view our ISO certifications as mission-critical, and maintaining them is a point of pride for our organization.

Achieving and maintaining our ISO certifications requires a continuous investment in money, time, and commitment. However, we feel strongly that the ROI is being able to deliver on our promise of quality, service, and total client satisfaction.

The beginning of each year is a time to identify upcoming goals. In accordance with our updated mission, we remain dedicated to creating stronger relationships in order to create a better world. For each of us.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2023!


Ralph Strozza, CEO
Interpro Translation Solutions