Expand your client base internationally by offering your User Interface (UI) in your customers’ native languages.

Whatever your product’s development platform and methodology, we can tailor our software localization process to satisfy your unique requirements. Your Interpro team will ensure that your application complies with all the linguistic and technical needs of your global target audience.

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Software Localization Process

While each step is designed to ensure that your project is accurately adapted for your target languages, we will customize our process to accommodate your unique requirements.

  • Source language files are sent to Interpro
  • Engineer/prepare files for localization
  • Analyze scope for price and turnaround
  •  Localize dialogs, messages, reports
  • Adjust controls and dialogs
  • Validate software
  • Implement modifications in files
  • Deliver target language product

Online Help Localization

Interpro’s professionals deploy state-of-the-art Translation Memory technology and perform comprehensive testing of all your application’s interactive features, hyperlinks, and context-sensitive content. Your final, localized Online Help System will be a timely, cost-effective solution that provides users with localized content of the highest quality and consistency, as well as full functionality in every language. We offer online help localization for a variety of platforms, including:

  • AuthorIT
  • Help+Manual
  • HTML Web Help
  • IBM i Panel Group (PNLGRP) Help
  • JavaHelp
  • MadCap Flare
  • Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
  • RoboHelp
  • WebWorks Help

IBM i Software Localization

Our company was originally founded to provide IBM i User Interface, PNLGRP Help, and related user documentation localization services.

Interpro has the extensive engineering expertise, tools, and experience necessary to provide comprehensive software localization.

Since 1995, Interpro has localized user interfaces into multiple languages, ranging from small Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) to enterprise level User Interfaces (UIs).

Founded as an IBM AS/400 software localization provider, our company was one of the first translation companies in North America to offer comprehensive software localization services. Interpro’s experienced, professional software localization engineers, project managers, translators, and quality assurance experts all possess the experience, technical skills, linguistic aptitude, tools, and client-first attitude necessary to deliver a quality product on a timely basis, and within budget.

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File and Software Capabilities

We’re proficient in the latest development and authoring tools to ensure consistency and quality throughout your translation project. Check out Applications & File Types to see some of the more popular file and format types that we work with.

Applications & File Types

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