Document Translation

Professional document and PDF translation aid your business to communicate clearly and efficiently with your team and customers. Let Interpro facilitate the communication of your business with our professional document translation services.

Full-service translation for any document

From technical translation to marketing collateral to graphics, we are well equipped to localize your documents. We consistently translate documents related to specific industries such as manufacturing, software, tourism, and retail.

When it comes to document translation, our professional linguists live and work in your target language’s geography. Your document will be translated in accordance with each language’s linguistic nuances, and will reflect the most accurate, up-to-date terminology and style.

PDF translation

Thanks to our expertise with design applications, we work with your PDF to translate it into your target languages. By providing us the source files for your PDF, our multilingual desktop publishing staff will format the translated content to mirror your original PDF.

We work with a wide variety of files which assures that your content, layout, and graphics will be just how you want them. You won’t have to waste any valuable resources, time, or money reformatting, cutting, and pasting within the copy. We do this in such a way that we’re able to deliver to you a completed PDF translation that you can use immediately.

If the source files are unavailable, our PDF translation tool will allow us to extract the content. Our team will recreate and format your PDF to exactly match the source language layout. We are assisted by the translation technology that is used on each project.

Document translation workflow

Document translation starts with receiving your source files. We analyze those files to get word counts, DTP estimates, as well as to take note of any special project requirements.

Special requirements within the document translation process include:

  • Use of specific terminology as provided by the client
  • A specific delivery method
  • Leaving certain terms in the source language
  • Adjusting page layout to fit international paper sizes

For larger projects, we strongly recommend creating a glossary which entails translating specific terms prior to translating the entire document. The glossary development process leads to a list of source terms along with their approved translations to be used by all members of the linguistic team.

The text in your document will go through a translation, editing, and proofreading (TEP) process which is executed by our professional in-country linguists. After that, our DTP specialists will format the translated content within the source file authoring application.

Once the translations are properly formatted, a quality assurance check is performed and is followed by a final translation review before the delivery date.

Expert team, expert technology

Our deep understanding of multilingual desktop publishing applications combined with over two decades of experience means that Interpro’s linguistic team will consistently provide you with professional document translation.

We believe in building relationships with our customers, enabling us to deliver exactly what you want with each document. We learn your style and terminology preferences so that we are efficient and accurate when delivering your translated document.

Moreover, we provide multiple levels of quality assurance reviews specific to your individual needs. We’ll work with you to make sure we’re addressing your specific requirements for each project, executing diligently in order to ensure absolute satisfaction with the translated documents we create for you.