eLearning Localization

The way organizations deliver training to their employees and clients worldwide has changed. Companies are working smarter by blending self-paced eLearning, online classrooms, and mobile-based education in order to reduce the overall cost of training and downtime, while at the same time ensuring high levels of productivity and engagement. Train your workforce and your clients in their native language by deploying accurate multilingual versions of your courses.

Are you a global company operating in multiple languages? Does your organization have employees and clients who are native to countries outside of the United States? Interpro can work with you to make sure that the training you provide is high quality and consistent, no matter what language they may speak.

Multilingual eLearning localization delivered

Interpro has comprehensive, multilingual multimedia production capabilities for clients who want to create multilingual versions of eLearning modules, interactive assessments, training materials, webinars/webcasts, product demos, or virtually any combination of content, audio, and visual components.

Our eLearning translation services include:

  • Localization and adaptation of online and interactive content
  • Graphics localization
  • Assessment and quiz localization
  • Script transcription and translation
  • Professional studio voice-over recording using native speaking talent
  • Onscreen mouse movement reproduction
  • Multilingual content synching and course publishing
  • Comprehensive multimedia authoring, and
  • Full validation of target-language modules ensuring linguistic as well as functional precision

eLearning localization without limits

You developed your programs to improve performance, creating powerful, practical training and performance enhancement solutions that are also customized to your organization’s learning requirements and culture.

Similarly, Interpro will develop a customized solution for your eLearning content localization needs. Using our state-of-the-art technology and our experienced professionals, we’ll collaborate with you to ensure that your computer-based training localization needs are met, and your expectations exceeded.

The days of a company having just one brick-and-mortar office are over. Now, thanks to technology, companies are no longer constrained by geographical limits. And if your office isn’t restricted to one location, your employees and clients shouldn’t be restricted to undergoing training in only one language. With training localization, you can be confident that your employees and clients are all receiving the necessary training needed to add value to your organization.

Need help localizing your training materials? Contact Interpro to have a conversation about what we can do for you.