Tourism Translation: How To Attract An International Audience

Rather than change up how you advertise or market your tourist attraction, international hotel, visitor bureau, restaurant or any other business that exists in the tourism industry, you’ll be better off changing your view of your audience. Appealing to an international market is a great way to reinvigorate your business and public interest. Before you start looking into Interpro’s tourism translation services, learn how to appeal to an international audience the right way.

Reasons to attract an international audience

city attractions surrounding tourism translationYou can’t do an effective job of attracting international visitors without truly understanding the benefit of doing so. Consider the fact that the US Commerce Department estimated that between 2013 and 2018 the number of United States travelers from Brazil would increase by 70 percent and roughly 220 percent with travelers from China.

Another reason to focus on an international appeal is that foreign travelers tend to stay longer, mainly because they have anywhere from four to six weeks of paid vacation, which means they’re more likely to spend more money while they’re visiting. An uptick in tourism also helps to stimulate the economy and create more jobs. For example, statistics show that Massachusetts sees more than roughly $2.3 billion in spending from its two million foreign visitors. But how do you shift your marketing and advertising efforts overseas in a way that’s effective and efficient?

Useful tips for enticing international travelers

One of the very first and best things you can do to start attracting an international audience is look into professional tourism translation. While you’ll have to pay for quality translation services, your return on investment is bound to make it well worth it.

Specifically, you’ll want to offer guides and brochures in the native language of your target audiences. For successful localization, you should incorporate images that are culturally suitable and appropriate for each target country.

Another option is to look into creating audio tours in a variety of foreign languages that can be downloaded and bought. Not only are downloadable audio tours a great way to bring in international visitors, they’re also a great way to take advantage of current technology, such as tablets and smartphones.

For tourism translations, it’s better to avoid literal (word-for-word) translations as not everyone will understand certain expressions and idioms. There are many differences between Canadian French localization and European French localization, for example. This is true even with visitors who speak English. There are some phrases and dialects that are exclusive to specific regions and might not be widely understood outside of that region. Leave the nuances to professional translation services.   

You should also consider adding print, online, and media advertisements targeted to a variety of countries that are likely to be the most interested in you. The goal is to paint your company in the most positive light and show just what it is that you have to offer your target audience.

Diversify your international effortsinternational tourists siteseeing

Some believe that there’s no such thing as bad press, but one way to get some great press for your international destination is to contact travel writers and invite them to your destination. Let them see firsthand what you have to offer and what makes your location worthy of a lengthy visit.

When you do start attracting international visitors, they’re sure to enjoy having a concierge staff that speaks their language and is able to act as their guide. There’s nothing like feeling as though you’re right at home when you’re several thousands of miles away from your native land. Not only is it a good idea to have a concierge staff that’s fluent in several languages, staff members should also understand what your international guests will be most interested in. There may be something in your city or bureau the locals consider an everyday occurrence that someone from another country might find delight in seeing. Truly know your audience and what they like.

Another effective way to bring in travelers from overseas is to hold an international event. In 2016, New Orleans is scheduled to have the world’s biggest tradeshow for global travel. Such an event is a great way to attract international visitors as well as international vendors, businesses, and suppliers. Imagine the number of international business connections you can make.

Your international audience is waiting to hear and read what you have to say about your city. Widen your advertising and marketing scope and set your sights on overseas destinations with the help of Interpro's tourism translation services.