On-line Help Localization

Well-designed on-line Help systems for computer applications are an efficient and practical way of making information easily available to users. They allow users to find and access useful information quickly, assisting them in rapidly gaining greater proficiency in the application’s use. Additionally, on-line Help is often a developer’s first line of customer support and, if designed appropriately, can result in significant cost and time savings both for the developer and the user.

For applications targeted to a global audience, providing on-line Help in the language of the user is critical in ensuring that the information made available is communicated accurately.

Interpro’s experience in on-line help system localization dates back to our founding in 1995. Our team of professionals ensures that your application’s on-line help will support and complement your product functionally and linguistically, and will deliver localized help content in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards.

Interpro offers localization services for on-line help developed on a variety of platforms including:

  • Standard Windows Help text format
  • JavaHelp
  • HTML Web Help
  • Flash Help
  • IBM i Panel Group (PNLGRP) Help

File and Software Capabilities

We are proficient in the latest authoring tools to ensure consistency and quality throughout your translation project. Some of the more popular file and format types that we work with include:

  • AuthorIT
  • Help & Manual
  • MadCap Flare
  • Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
  • RoboHelp
  • WebWorks Help

In addition to localizing Help content from one language to another, our process includes comprehensive testing of all of your Help system’s interactive features, hyperlinks, and context-sensitive content. We deliver a localized Help system that mirrors your source language system’s functionality, optimizing its use for your users in their preferred language.

As with all of the services we offer, Interpro’s linguists deploy state-of-the-art translation memory technology, emphasizing consistency, quality, reusability, and rapid time to market. By using this technology, we ensure consistency between terminology used in the User Interface and that used in the Help, enabling us to deliver a high-quality, complete on-line Help translation project within your time frame and budget.

Localized on-line Help ROI

Making your application’s on-line Help system available in the language of your users offers innumerable benefits to both your customers and to your organization. Localized on-line Help will:

  • enhance product usability
  • minimize the number of call center or on-line support calls (reducing costs)
  • accelerate proficiency, productivity and improve overall user satisfaction
  • provide consistent learning messages across your user base
  • help to implement international best practices and methodologies
  • allow for a more consistent and reliable user experience
  • provide a visible commitment to your customers worldwide

Your application’s on-line help was designed to maximize customer usability, while minimizing costly support calls. Interpro’s on-line help localization ensures that localized versions of your achieve the same objectives.

Please let us know us if you would like one of our professionals to contact you to discuss how we can ensure the success of your on-line Help system localization project.