Gain a significant competitive advantage in the multilingual marketplace by localizing your videos.

Interpro provides translation of audio, script and voice over recording, on-screen text, Vyond videos, captions and accessibility, and more. Whether we’re translating subtitles, translating and recording your script using multiple voice talents and languages, or filming native-speaking voice talent in-studio with a green screen, we have the experience and resources to get it done. If there’s no available script or copy document for your project, we can transcribe components accurately for translation.

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Interpro will help you find the best possible video translation solution for your needs.

  • Increase sales, brand recognition and client satisfaction by localizing your marketing, product demonstration, and instructional videos into the native languages of your clients
  • Improve learning and retention, both online and in the classroom, by presenting training videos in your employees’ native languages
  • Encourage learners to focus on visual information without the distraction of subtitles by localizing your demonstration video voice overs
  • Improve efficiency and savings by localizing subtitles for videos that cannot benefit from localized voice over

Quality Video Translation Services

Interpro’s services are developed and delivered in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards and undergo our meticulous quality assurance process before you receive final delivery. Our full range of translation and transcription services includes scripts, subtitles and closed captioning.


Timed audio files or MP4s with localized audio are provided in place of source language audio, in most instances. If your video includes music, we ask for the music track so we can mix localized audio with your music, resulting in superior quality for your video.

Script Translation and Voice Over Recording

Your narrative script will be translated, and the voice over will be recorded with native-speaking talent. Precise synchronization requires that original and translated scripts be as close as possible in length. Although many target languages expand during translation, Interpro’s teams address this challenge by adjusting text accordingly—without compromising accuracy. This allows the talent to deliver your script at a natural speed while remaining within the video’s time constraints.

On-Screen Text

Interpro works within your source authoring application to replace the source language content with localized versions. Deliverables to you will be the fully validated and published videos, in addition to the authoring application files.

Subtitles, Closed Captioning, Burned-In (Open) Captions, and Time-Coded Caption Files

Interpro’s professional translators consider length, readability, appropriate fonts, and visual synchronization as well as accuracy as they create a quality translation for each of your target languages. Once the translation is complete, our team of multilingual multimedia experts will synchronize the subtitles to your video.

Captions and Accessibility

Interpro’s experts can create translated open and closed captions to ensure the accessibility of your video for ADA compliance—timed to sync with your video’s localized voice over. We’re experienced in the creation and accurate localization of both SRT and VTT time-coded caption files. Interpro will work with you to see that all requirements are met and tested in each target language.

Video Overlay

If you need to make your existing video available in one or more additional languages, Interpro’s video overlay is a cost-effective option. As your video is professionally interpreted, we create a visual and audio recording that will take the place of a traditional voice over. Our professional, conference interpreters will deliver an interpretation of the same quality as a live event, without the need for a script. This process allows you to bypass the more costly and time-consuming steps of transcription, translation, revisions, proofreading, studio recording and voice over talent, multimedia engineering and QA. The resulting video overlay will be an accurate translation with the unrefined, real-time feeling of a virtual meeting.

Although video overlay may not be the best fit for high-visibility media or videos, it’s ideal for tight timelines and high-volume projects, as well as webinars, ILT training and more. Interpro’s experts will work closely with you to determine the best fit for your materials.

Video Translation Process

While each step is designed to ensure efficiency, accuracy and simplicity, from start to finish, we have the flexibility to customize our process to accommodate your unique requirements.

  • File preparation
  • Script transcription
  • Translation, proofreading and revision
  • Translated script approval
  • Script recording/subtitling
  • Sync audio/text with video
  • Translated video validation
  • Delivery of target language video

File and Software Capabilities

Our proficiency in the latest authoring tools ensures consistency and quality throughout your translation project. We work with many popular file and format types, including those listed below.

  • Adobe After Effects (.ape)
  • Adobe Premiere (.ppj .prproj)
  • Apple Quicktime (.mov)
  • FinalCut Pro (.fcpx)
  • MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (.mp3)
  • MPEG-4 Part 14 (.mp4)
  • SubRip Text (.srt)
  • Waveform Audio File Format (.wav)
  • Windows Media Video (.wmv)

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