Create a foundation for your translations with a comprehensive glossary of critical terms in your target languages.

The consistent use of accurate, up-to-date terminology preferred by your company, industry and end users is essential for a quality translation in any language. A custom glossary outlining your company’s specific preferences for commonly localized terms can be highly beneficial to your language team.

A glossary will help the translation process be more efficient for ongoing as well as future projects, ensuring that your translated content maintains the high level of consistency and quality required for acceptance by your intended audience.

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Should a multilingual glossary be the first step for your project?

If you expect to have a frequent need for translations, we recommend developing a multilingual glossary. However, we’ll consider your current needs and the advantages for future projects before moving forward.

Your Interpro team will work with you and your designated in-country resources to create an appropriate and comprehensive glossary to be translated into your target languages. Any questions, concerns or preferential suggestions will be resolved prior to beginning translations.

Consistency and Quality in Every Language

Once the translation of your glossary terms is completed, you may choose to have them reviewed by experts in your own organization, or through overseas affiliates or distributors who are subject-matter experts and knowledgeable in your industry’s terminology. Interpro will work with the reviewers you appoint to ensure that every glossary translation is approved to your satisfaction.

As with all the services we offer, Interpro’s Multilingual Glossary Development service adheres to ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 standards.

Our Process

Each step is designed to ensure efficiency, accuracy and simplicity, from start to finish, but we also have the flexibility to customize our process to accommodate your unique requirements.

  • Interpro linguistic teams review existing translations or glossaries to gain familiarity with established terms and ensure they contain no translation, grammatical or spelling errors
  • New terms requiring clarification are discussed by our linguists and the contact person you’ve assigned
  • Our linguists use statistical (based on term frequency) and bilingual concordances, which shows the terms in context, to develop a side-by-side glossary of current industry terms in source and target languages
  • Frequently occurring terms are extracted from new source content and flagged for inclusion in the glossary
  • Accurate, industry-accepted translations for new terms are provided by our lexicographers for linguistic review
  • Our linguistic reviewer’s changes are incorporated into your glossary