Benefits of Remote Interpretation for Your Next Event

When it comes to running a business, there is no greater priority than getting your message heard clearly. In today’s global marketplace, this task is both more imperative and more challenging than ever before. That is where remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) comes in. Companies and organizations who utilize remote interpretation benefit from its accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings.

Remote Interpretation Maintains Accuracy

Growing an audience while preserving the accuracy of a company’s message is essential. While it may seem like a monumental task, remote interpretation maintains accuracy with ease. When businesses and organizations participate in international events, it is vital that all attendees hear the same message regardless of their native language. Remote interpretation allows individuals to utilize devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, to listen to translated content in real time like everyone else in the room. For those who cannot attend the event in-person, this service also has the ability to share the content remotely using the same devices. Since this information is delivered in each listener’s native language, every individual at the event who uses remote interpretation hears a clear message delivered in an easily understandable format. This system allows content to be shared in a way that is both accurate and welcoming to multilingual audiences.

Remote Interpretation Improves Efficiency

Retaining content and delivering it in a way that feels personalized to each listener is remarkably important and also surprisingly efficient due to remote interpretation. With an estimated 2.5 billion smartphone users by 2019, employing services that capitalize on tools that customers already own is a no-brainer. Furthermore, since RSI is compatible with traditional interpreting software and hardware, this service can take place at virtually any time and in any location with Wi-Fi or a mobile data network.

Given the ease of set-up, interpretation is even available on short-notice. This quick turnaround gives companies and businesses more flexibility with planning and scheduling. It also allows the ability to add additional language requirements with little effort. At Interpro, language interpretation will be provided by skilled interpreters who can work from anywhere in the world, which can continue to grow with a company’s audience size.

Remote Interpretation Provides Savings

remote interpretation

Perhaps the most surprising benefit of remote interpretation is at it provides significant savings to companies and organizations who utilize it. The interpretation process is streamlined—from its compatibility with existing software and hardware to the speed at which interpretations are delivered via listeners’ smartphones. As a result, it reduces the expenses that companies would typically incur. It also simplifies meetings during which content is planned and modified.

Moreso, RSI interpretation services are brought to event attendees digitally. This means companies can present to multilingual audiences at a single conference or event without Remote interpretation also eliminates the need for traditional interpreter booths and additional on-site equipment, saving more time and money regarding transportation and set up at event venues.

Moving Forward with RSI

Event organizers who are interested in capitalizing on the various benefits of remote interpretation can obtain an estimate of the costs by simply providing the required language(s), the length of the event, the number of attendees who will need interpretation for each language, and the number of rooms that need interpretation.

Today, remote simultaneous interpretation makes this a reality. With RSI, companies can reap the benefits of increased accuracy, efficiency, and decreased cost as they present their message to audiences around the world.