RISE Partnership | Carewell SEIU503

RISE Partnership delivers outstanding training and benefits with a focus on equity and worker-employer collaboration. Together with unions and employers, they are proud to support over 80,000 Oregon care providers and state employees. Rise Partnership is a worker-centered benefit support service.

Carewell SEIU 503 is the family of training and benefits hardwon by SEIU 503 homecare and personal support providers to enhance their lives. Delivered clearly, easily and reliably, this offers the stability, health, skills, and training workers deserve. All training and benefits are delivered by RISE Partnership.

Communicating with 45,000 workers about training and benefits across eight different languages is a daunting task. We breathe easier knowing that our partners at Interpro localize all of our materials quickly, accurately, and with meticulous attention to detail. We think they’re the bees’ knees!

Jill Bakken, Communications Director