Solutions for Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

When it comes to ensuring that your content is appropriate for a global audience, you want language experts who understand your industry. After decades of partnering with an expansive and diverse array of world-class associations, institutes, societies, nonprofits, and member-based organizations, rest assured that we understand your unique requirements when it comes to multilingual localization. Every .ORG organization is the go-to industry leader. As such, quality is of the utmost importance.

Experience that makes it happen

Interpro has partnered with professional associations and non-profit organizations since our inception in 1995. We have extensive experience providing localization services for a wide variety of industry verticals, along with the skills, can-do attitude, and know-how to make it happen successfully – every time.

Take your event global.

Is your organization planning to host a global event? You may want to consider enhancing your participants’ overall comprehension through Interpro’s professional, simultaneous interpreting services. We will work with you and your team to formulate the most optimal solution, ensuring a flawless multilingual experience for your audience.

Another area in which Interpro assists associations and nonprofits is member involvement. Rather than just being a one-way channel of communication, you have fostered a dynamic relationship with your members. We understand that. Interpro will work with you to stimulate member participation and feedback. For example, we can localize member surveys, enabling you to reach wider audiences while accurately capturing feedback and insight. Additionally, our team of experts will ensure that any calls to action on your localized website are clear and compelling. By doing so, we will help your organization fulfill its mission by engaging your global audience.

Some of the types of content that we localize include:

  • Website content
  • Surveys
  • Marketing collateral
  • Publications
  • Documentation
  • eLearning content
  • Social media posts

Together, we can help your organization educate communities and incite your audience to action. Using our proven methodologies and workflows, we not only translate information, we localize it so that members have a universally engaging, inspiring experience.

Keep your global audiences informed. Compel them to act. Let our experienced team of professionals make that happen. Contact us, and together we’ll discuss how to get the process started.