Armstrong International
Client Since: 2010
Services: Document eLearning Video Website
Languages: Chinese (Simplified) French German Italian Korean Russian Thai Vietnamese
Industry: Manufacturing

“Armstrong International has worked with Interpro on a wide range of language localization projects, and each time they have exceeded our expectations in terms of quality, turnaround, and value. Interpro's localization and desktop publishing expertise is unrivaled, but the hallmark of our relationship with Interpro is the manner in which they engage our global team on a personal level. Simply, Interpro's attention to customer service and detail are second-to-none.”

-Jeffrey T. Nowicki, Director of Global Marketing

Armstrong International provides intelligent system solutions that improve utility performance, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions, while providing an enjoyable experience. Founded in 1900, Armstrong International is a family-owned company headquartered in the United States, with manufacturing, sales and seminar centers located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the subcontinent of India.