Facing History and Ourselves
Client Since: 2018
Services: Document Multilingual DTP
Languages: Spanish
Industry: Education

“I am delighted to have discovered Interpro's translation services for our educational material needs. Since the start of our working relationship, the team has exhibited high-quality customer service and an overall can-do attitude that is incredibly helpful to work with as an organization with unique needs. Our translated materials are put in front of students so accuracy is key to us. With their multi-step quality assurance process, Interpro has always delivered top-notch quality of our materials.”

-Catherine O’Keefe, Associate Director, Educator Content

As a non-profit organization since 1976, Facing History and Ourselves has been developing educational material on injustice in American and European society. Their mission is to empower teachers and students to think critically about history and to understand the impact of their choices.