Forest History Society
Client Since: 2017
Services: Document Multilingual DTP
Languages: Spanish
Industry: Association/Nonprofit

“Interpro really went above and beyond in helping us with our closed-captioning project for our film America’s First Forest. In addition to providing a flawless Spanish translation, they worked directly with the DVD manufacturer to solve some technical issues beyond my capabilities. At each step, they patiently explained what they were doing and why. Along the way, they helped keep the project on schedule and me out of trouble. I hope to make another film in part so I can work with Interpro again.”

-Jamie Lewis, Staff Historian

For more than 70 years, the Forest History Society (FHS) has stewarded historical treasures, ensuring they are not lost, but instead are collected, preserved, and made available to all. FHS is your starting place for exploring the people, places, and events that shaped forest history. Whether you are conducting research, preparing a lesson plan, or a history buff who appreciates rare documents and photos and want to learn more, we are here to serve you.