LA-CO Industries
Client Since: 2011
Services: Document Video Website
Languages: Chinese (Simplified) French French (Canada) German Italian Portuguese (Brazil) Spanish
Industry: Manufacturing

“We hired Interpro in preparation for our multi-lingual global website launch. Interpro’s professionalism and project management style allowed our team to focus on other critical areas with the full knowledge that they would keep me updated and discuss any concerns. Their great communication style and attention to detail allowed us to deliver a 5-language interactive website on-time and with great accuracy. Our in-country reviewers are consistently impressed with their industry-focused translation efforts and while there are some changes Interpro works with us to find the right message for our markets.”

-Benjamin Kleiman, International Marketing Manager

LA-CO Industries is a global manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing of industrial hand-held markers, plumbing chemicals, and livestock identification products. The company designs and manufactures high quality, performance-based products under three thriving brands: Markal, LA-CO and All Weather.