Respite Education and Support Tools (REST)
Client Since: 2014
Services: Document eLearning Multilingual DTP Video
Languages: Spanish (Universal)
Industry: Education

“We chose Interpro as a partner for translation services and found that the team was very engaging throughout the entire process. They were very efficient and delivered the job on time. Thanks Interpro for allowing us to focus on training while you meet our technical needs!”

-Lois Sheaffer-Kramer, National Director

Respite Education and Support Tools (REST) is an educational course that provides volunteer respite training to adults and teens who want to offer very special care and assistance to people with special needs across the lifespan. It is implemented in a Train the Trainer professionally designed two day course. These trainers will then go out and train individuals to be respite care providers and give caregivers a much needed break. The goal of REST is to create an international network of organizations that prepare individuals to support caregivers through respite. The REST program offers opportunities for organizations to customize it to be their own.